Neurio Home Intelligence, a smart energy monitor

For most people, energy consumption is one of the biggest problems. As we all know, this thing is not an easy one to track and the electric meter or the monthly bill don’t help the situation.

These are filled with confusing kilowatt-hour (kWh) and watt (W) reading and don’t make any sense without some understanding of how each device in the house contributes to the bill. Well, probably the new Neurio Home Intelligence, which was released these days, will contribute to this situation.

Neurio Home Intelligence comes at the price of 249 dollars and acts like an energy decoder. This little device provides real-time reading of the current power draw across the entire home. This means that every light will have to be switched off and the device will immediately shift in usage. 

Moreover, this device will show how much the TV or vacuum cleaner contribute to overall energy consumption. Sadly, this function will only work with products over 400 W, but the company still works on that. However, customers should know that this device is not a DIY and it is very dangerous, so they need to appeal to a professional to install it, unless they are professionals themselves. Even if 249 dollars is a high price for a real-time energy device, this product does make it a lot easier and helps owners to translate their electric bill. Neurio Home Intelligence also promises updates that should make the device more useful and well-rounded. 

Moreover, Neurio also has some rivals on the market, because Ecolsme and Belkin have promised to release similar devices next year. To be mentioned that Neurio Home Intelligence comes with an app that works on both iOS and Android devices. This app will allow users to have real-time energy readings on both mobile app and web. Using this app will be a real adventure because it shows fluctuations from all the products in the house. Moreover, this app also estimate the average cost per hour of operating at that level. 

Even if for the moment, Neurio Home Intelligence is kind of limited, it does have a lot of potential. The company declared that they will update the product so it can track devices under 400W and integrations with IFTTT and SmartThings are in the works. This means that Neurio will be able to work alongside with Nest Learning Thermostat, Philips Hue LEDs and Belkin WeMo products.

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