Myfox Smart Home Security System, a DIY home security

Myfox Smart Home Security System can be found at the price of nearly 500 dollars. Customers commonly are a little confused, because the home security system market is starting to be filled with several devices and they are asking themselves if their price is really worth it.

At the exact price of 478 dollars, Myfox Smart Home Security System features a vibration-detecting door/window sensor, a 720p HD camera and a 110-decibel siren. Is the product worth the money? Well, this is something that each customer will have to decide by himself. 

To be mentioned, the camera that is found in the Myfox package is really good, even if there are some cheaper cameras on the market, like Piper NV at the price of 279 dollars, the 150 dollars Simplicam and the 199 dollars Nest Cam.

Customers who don’t want the camera can opt just for the door/windows sensor and siren kit, at the price of 279 dollars. However, this might be a little bit expensive just for these two pieces. Still, the design is pretty nice and it will integrate nicely in the living room or any other room.

Myfox Smart Home Security System also includes a 110-devicel siren, a plug-in Wi-Fi hub with up to 6-hour battery backup, a key fob for smartphone-free arming and disarming, a vibration-sensing “IntelliTag” door/window device and a 720p HD Wi-Fi camera with 1-hour battery backup.

To be mentioned that the camera can be bought separately at the price of 199 dollars, while the siren and door/windows sensor at the price of 279 dollars, as already mentioned.

Myfox Smart Home Security System also offers an iOS and Android app, so users will be able to access these radio-frequency-enabled and Wi-Fi products remotely.  All they have to do is to download the app on their device and they can start up. The app is very simple and it identifies all of the steps.

Moreover, the system works pretty well and users will be able to receive regular alerts or to review motion-related clips. The door/window sensor also works well and it makes a good job differentiating when someone is aggressively shaking the door or just knocking on it.

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