Mozilla Has A Complaint Against Microsoft Windows 8

For Microsoft, Windows 8 is one of the biggest breakthroughs and the sort of product that can help it withstand competition in the market. However, recent complaints show that Microsoft could have a rough patch with competitors in the notebook and tablet market. Both Google and Mozilla have complaints against Microsoft Windows 8.

Mozilla, the company behind Firefox browser, claims that Microsoft Windows 8 is an attempt to undermine competition. The company has accused Microsoft to have an anti-competitive behavior that will harm both Firefox and Google Chrome.

Harvey Anderson is Mozilla’s general counsel. He mentioned that although the company has not formally filed a complaint against Microsoft Windows 8, they are ready to go through official procedures if they have to.

Anderson explained on the company blog: “If users and developers don’t have a choice, it will restrict competition”. “The prospect that the next generation of Windows on ARM devices would limit users to one browser is untenable and represents a first step toward a new platform lock-in” concluded Anderson.

The matter that got Mozilla to make a public complaint against Microsoft Windows 8 is in fact the core of the software’s advertising campaign. Microsoft says that Windows 8 will help the competition to challenge Apple’s iOS in the tablet market. Basically, Microsoft announced that it took the decision to make available a different version of Windows, one that will be compatible with ARM processors with low power.

But that’s exactly what makes both Mozilla and Google fret. The Windows version compatible with low power ARM processor makes Mozilla worry that independent software browsers would have a hard time operating with that. The fact is that devices using ARM processors have been designed to work exclusively with the Internet Explorer browser and not Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Asa Dotzler, spokesperson for Mozilla, explained: “On ARM chips, Microsoft gives IE access special APIs absolutely necessary for building a modern browser that it won’t give to other browsers so there’s no way another browser can possibly compete”.

Well, from the looks of it, Microsoft seems to be looking for a way to push its IE and ensure it’s going to get some of that browser revenue, Google and Mozilla have been enjoying for so long now.

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