Motorola has released the new Moto 360

A watch is something that goes well with some specific outfits. That’s why some people have a specific watch to go with a certain outfit, or swap out straps to match with how they are filling during that particular day.

These days, many smartwatches are available in different colors and sizes and allow users to swap bands. However, there is no other smartwatch like the new Moto 360. This new device is probably the perfect watch for any occasion. 

The new Moto 360 can be customized to the customer’s tastes, due to the company’s Moto Maker website. Here, customers can choose the color of the bezel, band type, case color and even the bezel treatment. According to the company, on this website customers can choose from more than 30 options.

However, even if the new Moto 360 is considered to be better than last year’s model, there are some minuses. This watch doesn’t come with GPS or NFC for mobile payments, which is considered to be a huge lack, compared with other devices on the Android Wear market. Not to mention that the new Huawei Watch comes with sapphire-crystal display.

However, the new Moto 360 is available in two sizes: the larger 46mm model and the 42mm model. The prices range depending on what model customers will choose. For instance, the 42mm model starts at the price of 300 dollars and can go up to 430 dollars, while the 46mm model starts at 350 dollars.

As for design, the first thing that will pop-up is the fact that this watch has almost no bezel. It is an incredible piece of design, but unfortunately, the display isn’t a complete circle, compared with LG Watch Urbane and Huawei Watch. So, Moto 360 still has the black bar situated at the bottom of the screen. This black bar is home to the ambient light sensor, which will automatically set display brightness. It is a good feature, but probably without the cost of a cut-off screen. 

Moto 360 comes with an LCD display and a pixel resolution of 360×325. Inside the watch, there is a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, with 512MB of Ram and 4GB of internal storage for music and apps. 

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