Mota Wireless Charger for GoPro

As we know, these days wireless charging is becoming more widespread for several devices, especially for smartphones. However, some devices are still dealing with removing a battery to bring like back or cables.

Probably, this issue will start ending here, because Mota mobile-accessory and wearable maker is trying to come up with some interesting devices.

For starters, Mota has released a wireless charger for GoPro. Known as Mota Wireless Charger for GoPro, this device is available at the price of 140 dollars. Even if it was a Kickstarter campaign last December, this device is here and it is in full production and shipping.

This cannot be but great news for GoPro camera users. They know that charging a GoPro is not an easy mission because it has to come out of its housing first. Mota has managed to resolve this issue and now it can be charged wireless while it is still in its housing. Mota Wireless Charger for GoPro works with Hero3/3+ models and also the Hero4 and Black.

This devices comes in two pieces: a wireless receiver and a wireless power bank. The process is very simple, so users will not lose much time. The power bank comes with two slots in the top to fit the camera’ housing mount. This means that with the receiver in place and the camera back in the housing, users can start charging just by mounting the camera and turning on the power bank. 

Moreover, it takes a few seconds for the camera to receive power and light up to let users know that it’s charging. Users must know that once it starts charging, they need to let the camera do its thing. However, there is also a spot on top for charging a second GoPro device. Mota Wireless Charger for GoPro is not very heavy, measuring 5.25 by 3 by 1.25 inches thick and weighing approximately 9 ounces.

The company has declared that the 5,000mAh battery mounted in the device will deliver a full charge in approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes with the camera off.

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