Monster SoundStage S1, brings the noise into the room

After the company lost its lucrative Beats contract, Monster is searching for something big to replace it. After many versions of Bluetooth speakers and headphones, the question is if the company finally managed to find something big in the new SoundStage speakers?

However, Monster seems to be a little late on the Bluetooth speakers market, because many other companies, like Samsung and Sonos, are already there. Monster has probably done a clever move not to try to go alone on this journey and decided to partner with an open system, called Qualcomm’s AllPlay. To be said that the only AllPlay products on the US market are from Fon and Monster, but there are some other products promised, too.

The new Monster SoundStage S1s are available at the price of 229 dollars and they are probably the least expensive and smallest multiroom speakers. Despite their price and their size, the new SoundStage S1 are probably the company’s best value. SoundStage S1 delivers a huge sound for its small size and features several connectivity options that will offer everyone a chance to hook it up.

To be mentioned that the larger S2 version is available at the price of 299 dollars and S3 at 399 dollars. The Bluetooth speaker’s price is up closely to Sonos’ Play:5, Play:3 and Play:1 series of speakers. This means that Monster will have a very tough competition. The company declared that SoundStage S1 will also be available in Canada and in the UK in October. 

As for the sound quality, it is very encouraging. Of course, the S1 has a little from a “Beats” sound, due to the fact that Monster designed the first Beats headphones. For customers who are in search of a huge bass and crisp percussion without any acoustic sound and voices, the S1 is the right device for them.

For a product that costs a little more than 200 dollars, SoundStage S1 is a good device, but for someone who is in search of something more, with more classic hi-fi sound and accurate midrange, this Bluetooth speaker may not be the best option out there. 

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