Mom’s Obesity Linked With Autism Risk In Baby

It has become obvious that what a mother does during pregnancy it affects or carries a high likelihood to affect the baby’s health down the line. As many moms get quite tempted with food during their pregnancy, scientists warn that the obesity might put the baby at a terrifying risk. A study has linked mom’s obesity during pregnancy with autism risk in baby.

Many women have ruled that being pregnant means forgetting about the rules of a healthy diet. A lot of them succumb to their food cravings and gain weight that might be more risky to the baby’s health than imagined. A study undertaken by PhD researcher Paula Krakowia points out that obesity during pregnancy boosts the risk of a baby developing an autism spectrum disorder.

On the overall, a woman carries a 1 in 88 chance of giving birth to a baby with autism. The research points out that obesity during pregnancy boosts the risk at about 1 in 53.  The problem is the more serious, as the United States is struggling with obesity in general. About one third of women in the United States of child – bearing age go under the obese category.

The entire study will be published in May’s issue of Pediatrics and it has looked at over 1,000 children, with ages ranging from 2 to 5. Half of them were autistic, while almost two hundred were presenting developmental disorders. Researchers looked at this data and found that obesity during pregnancy, as well as high blood pressure, makes a woman 60 percent more likely to have a baby suffering from autism.

Researchers wrote: “Our findings raise concerns that these maternal conditions may be associated with neurodevelopmental problems in children and therefore could have serious public health implications”.

Perhaps the study seems a little bit provocative, but previous research has proved that obesity during pregnancy tends to be linked with preterm births, stillbirths and even birth defects. Once going over 35 pounds overweight that generally goes under the obese category. This means that your body undergoes a significant change as high levels of sugar in blood and inflammation can occur easily. These are the main factors that can impact a baby’s brain development during pregnancy.

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