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Missy Elliott Shows Off Slim Body

Famous singer Missy Elliott impressed everyone with a really slim body. The popular singer was spotted at a fashion event looking very slim and beautiful. 

Missy Elliott performed at the Alexander Wang for H&M show in New York City on Thursday. “Just got off stage thanks @ALEXANDERWANGNY and @hmusa for having me perform I enjoyed,” she tweeted, so it seems that the star was really excited about her performance. 

The star looked amazing and it seems that she actually lost more than 30 pounds, although initial rumors indicated that the singer got rid of about 70 pounds. Actually, Missy wanted to be sure that people will not remain with the wrong impression. 

“Didn’t lose 70 pounds,” she tweeted, adding that this “was during my ‘Under Construction’ album. This time I lost 30 eating healthy/work out to @ShaunTfitness T25 videos. I do ‘Insanity’ workouts. Sweets/bread/fried foods is my weakness. It’s not easy but health comes 1st 🙂 “

Missy revealed that she managed to achieve these impressive weight loss results thanks to the workout program developed by Shaun T. Shaun T is the creator of the Insanity workout DVD and the author of this training program actually claimed that focused interval training is the key to weight loss. He recommends the users of his program to exercise for about 25 minutes a day, but 5-minute mini-workouts can also be effective for weight loss and boosting the metabolism. 

Missy Elliott actually did lose 71 pounds, but back in 2002. Back then, the star was told by doctors that she had to lose weight, otherwise she might be at a very increased risk of suffering a stroke. The popular singer has then decided to change her lifestyle. She now includes both healthy diet and exercises in her lifestyle, limiting fried foods, sugar and bread. 

In 2008, Missy was also diagnosed with Graves’ disease. She underwent treatment based on medication for this health problem, but Missy claimed that she now manages it only with the use of diet and exercise. The singer surely looks better than ever. She looks healthy and happy, so it seems that the lifestyle she adopted is perfect for her. 

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