Missy Elliott fighting Graves disease

Famous rap singer Missy Elliot has been fighting Graves disease for almost three years. But, as she told the press herself, this hasn’t slowed her career down, Reuters reports. The good news is that her condition recently improved.

Missy Elliott’s disease has been diagnosed in 2008 and some media reports that were recently released speculate that the disease may have been the cause in the delay of a next album. However, the rap star says in a statement that her illness hasn’t been an obstacle in her career. “I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease about three years ago, but it really hasn’t slowed me down at all.”

Her fans will find out more about Elliott’s condition in a taped interview in which the singer will give more details about Graves disease and her dealing with it. She will tell how the disease caused her hair to fall and her nervous system to shut down. The interview is set to air in VH1 on June 29, during the “Behind the Music” show.

On Friday, Missy Elliott stated that her condition recently improved. Under the doctor’s close supervision, she has been off medication for some time and is following the rules of a healthy lifestyle to help held back the symptoms. “I’ve been off medication for about a year and I’m completely managing the condition through diet and exercise,” Elliott said.

Graves disease is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the thyroid. The gland produces thyroxin in excess, leading to change in appearance and energy level. Although the condition cannon be cured, the symptoms can be controlled with medication and a healthy lifestyle overall.

Missy Elliott has been in the spotlight since 1990. Her most popular hits incude Get Ur Freak On, No More Drama, Work It. She has won four Grammy Awards and her last album, The Cookbook, has been released in 2005. After a long pause in the studio, she is currently working on a new album called Block Party, with notorious rapper and produce Timbaland.

Since she has been diagnosed, Elliott has been touring Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and has written and produced a series of songs for artists such as Monica, Keysha Cole and Jazmine Sullivan.

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  1. Why do so-called celebrities “battle” diseases? Why is it always so dramatic. I have had thyroid disease for 15 years. I have just “had” it. Hmm… maybe I should have been telling everybody I have been “battling” it. LOL. I did pull a muscle mowing the lawn this morning. I am going to call my boss Monday morning and tell him I have been fearlessly battling this horrible health crisis. Maybe he will allow me to seek counseling and stay out of work for exhaustion.

  2. Maybe if u did something wit ur life we would care 2, but missy has inspired many in her lifetime and she does not plan on stopping . She never said she was quiting or that it stopped her . Shes letting he fans know because we care . Stay strong Missy … Cant wait for the album to drop .

  3. Iman mebbe if u learnt how to talk in english and like done it right and did something in yo life like not going to schoolin yadda da mean?

  4. Hi,my daughter is 20years old and has been told she has Graves,i was wondering did you have badly swollen eyes,i mean that bad she sleeps with her eyes open,thanx

  5. Jason ur comment is insensitive to say the least…
    anthing that u have to go thru,due to a malfunction in ur system can be tuff,it requires ur lifestyle to change n so many other things
    Jus becoz u suffer from the same and have bin managing it for 15yrs doesnt give u a right to belittle someone else’s suffering….people r different n u shuldnt expect evryone to put a hard exterior n be happy with something that is not normal…….but then again am gessing if thea was a cure u wuldnt want it becoz u have “had it” and ur cool wit it

  6. I was actually diagnosed with Graves last year and let me tell you, it is more serious than just another “thyroid problem.” Too many people, I think, confuse it with hypothyroidism which is very common and easier to treat with thyroid replacement meds. I personally went from 100% healthy to having a mini-stroke one day because my pulse and blood pressure were dangerously high, at resting. It took months and many heart meds to get it under control. I have eye problems as well, although my eyes were not impacted severely (thankfully) and I’ve had severe depression and anxiety as a result of this disease. It basically changed my life and my career path. So before people say ignorant things, please inform yourselves. Stay strong Missy.

    I’m curious to hear about her struggles and I’m actually happy that a celeb is bringing light to a disease that is fairly uncommon yet life changing for the people that suffer from it.

  7. I have Graves Disease for 3 years now but its totally control.
    I use natural herbs and had my eyes bulged out …this disease is pretty scary and tuff to cope with. It’s not just another thyroid problem it’s more then that. I have had 2 orbital decompression surgeries and I feel back to normal now…Missy stay strong!

  8. For all those I there suffering from this same disease or any other disease. My prayers go out, and I take my hat off to all those who are battling and surviving. No disease or illness, no matter how small or grande it is, is something anyone would want for themselves. As for, the people/person that chooses to comment on here with ignorant statements; it really takes as I said an “ignorant” person to take a situation such as this and have something negative to say, as you did. Noone has the right to degrade nor down grade someone situation as there own. You could be experience the same exact situation as another individual but you still will never KNOW what they are going through, because they are just that an “INDIVIDUAL”!!!! WE ALL HANDLE, ACCEPT, DEAL WITH, STRUGGLE THROUGH OR EVEN SURVIVE THINGS IN OUR OWN “INDIVIDUAL” WAY!!!!SO, STOP JUDGING AND STOP HATING!!!!IF YOU ARE SUFFERING OR SURVIVING A DISEASE OR DISORDER, TAKE THAT EXPERIENCE TO BETTER YOUR LIFE AND HOPEFULLY SOMEONE ELSE’S….YOU NEED PRAYER, AND WITH MORE THAN A DISEASE/DISORDER. AND THAT’S NOT JUDGEMENT, THAT IS APPARENT….

  9. Jason, you said you have Graves Disease also. If you do instead of saying something like what you said why not be happy for her. She has went 3 years with this disease. Only GOD can help someone with a disease this bad in 3 years. I dont want to offend you but for someone with a disease for 15 years you are very cold-hearted and insensitive. im 14 nd kno this because when i talk to ppl with health problems their are definitely one of the nicest ppl. They dont pick on ppl for the fun of it, they dont judge, and they are usually always happy for others when they dont have to suffer the same. If you wish you had it better maybe you should pray about it or do something not go on the internet to insult someone for having the same disease as you nd getting some support. She’s not thinking “Hey Im a rapper so let me go on stage tell these ppl exaggerations about my disease just for the hell of it” smh you gotta think before you post something like that.

  10. I, too, found out I have Grave’s. My mom and grandmom have Thyroid issues and now me. My pulse rate was thru the roof, I developed high blood pressure and my heart was enlarged. I had sharp pains in my chest and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I was admitted to Intensive Care for 3 days. Mind you, early that day I had worked and was on my way to the supermarket. I had no idea. Stuff just hits you. My eyes popped and I was on medication. It has been 8 months. My last Dr. visit he said my Thyroid was normal..but I feel why aren’t my eyes going down? So, I am definitely going to have the orbital decompression surgery. I can’t take it nor will I deal with this for Years as I have heard people say they have for 15 years or more. I squint, have to tilt my head so that I don’t look straight up or I will look like a wide frog eyed alien. It’s awful. But I look forward to the surgery. Its diet also as this is an immune disease and certain things triggeri it. Missy Elliott stay strong and God bless!

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