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Miss France believes Leila Lopes shouldn’t have won the Miss Universe crown

Following the Miss Universe pageant, Miss France gave an interview to a French magazine in which she made a series of remarks from which it is clear that she believes Miss Angola Leila Lopes shouldn’t have won the crown, the Washington Post reports.

Just a couple of days after the Miss Universe pageant crowned its 2011 queen, one of the beauties in the contest speaks against the new most beautiful woman in the world, stating that she doesn’t see the reason for which Leila Lopes, Miss Angola, is now wearing the crown.
Miss France, Laury Thilleman, talked to about Miss Angola’s unpleasant behavior, her lack of personality and her questionable fashion taste. Her declaration started with the complaint that Lopes was not sociable. “She was the only girl I didn’t know very well. We didn’t see her much.” Then she criticized her looks. “She was often in jeans and not wearing makeup. We were all surprised by her win”. Thilleman explains that many other contestants worked more and were not rewarded as they should have been.  “I don’t know, something is missing in her temperament”, the 20-year-old French beauty added.

Miss France believes that the main reason Lopes won is that the contest was held in Brazil. “The fact that the competition was held in Brazil surely played a role.” Miss France was in the top 10 finalists and Miss Brazil made it to the top 3.

Miss Universe judge, Lea Salonga, gave an interview to Funfare in which she says she believes that the contestants and the public should respect the judges’ decision, as it was made fairly. “We were told to judge them all objectively. What I now don’t understand is the brouhaha following the pageant’s conclusion”, she said. “Everyone needs to respect the judges’ decision. I stand by my ranking.”

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  1. Miss France With this remarks about Miss Angola has just proved that her(Miss France) never should be Miss Universe because she is very ugly inside full of jealousy and envy. Miss Angola is a truly beautiful, with sure she deserve her crown

  2. France had been one of my favorites, but if that comment is true then I am glad she never made it to the top 5.
    Wearing jeans and not wearing make-up is a thoughtless remark. Did it ever occur to Ms Thilleman that Ms Lopes may not have had the financially backing Miss France has. Showing her natural and inner beauty without make up and high fashion wardrobe is probably what impressed the judges.

    Yes, Miss France was perfectly groomed and had an expensive grooming all backed and paid for by the Miss France Organization. With that in my mind, they totally missed the boat with Miss France’s outdated and “disproportion to body “Evening Gown, which probably cost a top 5 spot and even a victory. The comment shows the epitome of French snobbery! Shame beyond you, Laurie. I really thought you were above that. I hope it was a mistake and you were misquoted.
    All hail Miss Angola Queen of the Universe!

  3. That´s ridiculous! Pure jealousy from Miss France. First of all, the Miss Angola is a shy person, a girl that comes from a poor country and she did not believe that she was in a competition like that. I believe she was the best choice. She is gorgeous and if she did not wear make up in the backstage is because she does not need.
    The fact that the contest was in Brazil does not matter. I´m brazilian and I prefer the Miss Angola then Miss Brazil.

  4. I am more than Happy that Miss France was not able to make the top 5. She shows the ugly side of her personality. This girl is just 20 and you are able to see this bitter attitude. Wow…it was great Miss Angola won, however it was much better to see how she was able to succeed without financial resources. Well done Miss Angola!

  5. who said that for u to be a women need to wear make up everyday all day! she needs to start understanding other cultures…. and plus make up everyday is bad for u!

  6. To Miss. FRANCE- Miss Angola-Leila Lopes does not need makeup. Unlike you she has natural beauty. Do you know what CAYOTE UGLYmeans? When your partner wakes up in the morning & see’s you for the first time (without makeup) He will chew his arm of to get away.

  7. Wow. I guess because Brazil is a country with one of the most highest concentrations of the African diaspora, linked by colonialism to Angola, and the fact that a woman could wear no make-up just as well as with make-up would be shocking to someone with so much pent up jealousy. If you weren’t in the top ten young lady, guess what- Miss Angola or Miss whoever would have won would have pissed you off just as much and now you are on record being petty! Good Job!

  8. Please do spare me. what financial backing didn’t Leila have? Angola is indeed an underdeveloped country but thats not to say that leila didnt have any make-up because she comes from a poor country. thats stupid. Miss France is a complete air head and we can all see that it was a good thing she didn’t win. There is poverty in Angola, but do not underestimate the amount of money many Angolans possess. As an Angolan Leila Todos nos estamos muito orgulhosos de ti. Tens o apoio de todos d’aqui da banda e vamos torcer por ti pra sempre.

  9. Wearing jeans and no make-up is TRUE BEAUTY. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions but if you we’re so smart Ms France you should’ve decided to just keep your mouth closed and keep these opinions to yourself. Or maybe you just want the attention? I believe the contestants from TOP 5 deserved to be there. I do however, have my own opinion on who should’ve been crowned. I was hoping for Ms Philippines to win Miss Universe. She was classy, she didn’t need an interpreter, and she answered straight to the point with no hesitations. Not to mention, her overall high scores/votes. But they’re all beautiful and smart and let’s be happy for Ms Angola ! I’m sure you’re not the only one who has something to say about the judges decision but yet you’re the only one being so insecure. It’s obvious. My advice, just be happy you made it to TOP 10 and be humble! Good day 🙂

  10. uhhmm maybe she doesn’t need make up because shes NATURALLY beautiful. im pretty sure if we saw miss France bare faced it wouldn’t be a pretty sight. miss Angola looks like one of those women who just doesn’t really need makeup shes a natural beauty and she seems very humble.

  11. Miss France, you disappoint me. You are truly an ugly person, and the judges saw through you like saran wrap. Miss Angola’s beauty is natural ( on dit en francais – tres naturelle, organique) and yours is artificial and ugly. Go cry your loser self to sleep. You’re never gonna win. Are you Miss France because you…….I don’t wanna know!

  12. Miss France’s negative remarks about Miss Angola, when turned around are actually PRAISES! With her negative and bitter remarks Miss France only confirmed that the judges were actually right on the money when they UNANIMOUSLY voted the DIVINELY and NATURALLY (even without make-up!) BEAUTIFUL Miss Angola as Miss Universe 2011! Congratulations to ANGOLA, UKRAINE, the PHILIPPINES and CHINA for proving that one need not go to the cosmetic surgeon to win a beauty contest!

  13. Miss Angola/Universe sounds like a nice girl !

    I think some people are real bad losers, it’s a shame the others feel they have to be so made up with make up all the time.

  14. We Filipinos would have really loved it if Miss Philippines won. But though we feel that way, many of us believed that Miss Angola is the true winner and she deserves the crown. Early this year, many forums over the Internet had their bet that she will win the title. So, her victory is not at all surprising.

    Miss France, it’s better to be reserved and lacking in personality than to become a potty mouth like you. Talking against Miss Angola didn’t make you any better. Your jealousy only proves that she’s one step ahead of you.I think you have a racist problem – get a grip of yourself and your ignorance. Be sport and grow up. Bringing others down is a really really bad way of praising yourself.

  15. Miss France is very pretty but next to Miss Angola she is no match. Miss Universe is selected on the night on the stage and not elsewhere. Miss France is doing her country a big misfavor by mouthing off.

  16. In my opinion, those women standing there onstage, make almost every other women ugly.with their perfect body, well done hair and makeup blah blah blah..i reckon, all women are miss universe..regardless of size, race, background, education, whatsoever..aernt women who are handicapped beautiful? aernt women without any education beautiful? aernt women living in poverty beautiful? Miss France says they worked so hard ..haha.well try living in poverty..try living as a slave, try living without water, or walking for miles for water, try living as a victim of rape, or violence..try living in the slums, try having 3 low paid jobs just to suppport yourself, try being a single mum..thats what people call working hard…:)

  17. Miss France, what a disgusting thing to say! You have shown yourself to me a mean spirited and ugly person. With these remarks, you have shown your true self. The most beautiful woman won the crown, she has inner and outer beauty.

  18. Looser, deal with it, youve lost…. Leila is the one to watch, and your coments… Please keep them to yourself… and please get a life

  19. People are so racist man, this is the 21st Centrury why would a **** say that Ms. Angola is ugly and she need a skin whitener? **** get a life, and ****, beauty got nothing to do with skin color/tone

  20. shamcey from philippines must be the miss universe because in Q & A.She is the only one who speak in english …right?and have no translators…it’s really unfair…

  21. I think Ms. Angola is a deserving winner. It’s nerve wracking to walk across the stage and speak in front of millions of international viewers and she did both with confidence, style and grace.
    I think the other contestants are just jealous.

  22. How does she expect to win when she looks twice her age. The woman in the photo does not look like any 20 yr old I know, she looks no younger than 32. Instead of worrying about why someone who wasn’t caked in makeup and wearing jeans and t-shirt won, maybe you should reevaluate yourself to see why you being only 20 look so old. Perhaps you didn’t win because you look too bloody old to be a Ms Universe. On top of it, your nasty personality shines through for all to see.

  23. I think you misunderstood, I’m french and I speak very well english, I listened to her interview, she doesn’t mean it that way :/ She just says she was surprised that Angola won because she found that she was a discrete person, but that she was happy about their choice.

  24. Miss. France is so annoying. I think the judges made a great decision of not letting her advance in the competition. It would have been a huge mistake if she was to be even a little close to the miss universe crown. She’s an ugly person at heart.

  25. I have seen all the interviews of Miss France.
    It is true she says:
    “She was the only girl I didn’t know very well. We didn’t see her much.”
    “She was often in jeans and not wearing makeup. We were all surprised by her win”, Miss France 2011

    But do these sentences mean : Miss Angola should’nt have won? The answer is NO.
    To be “surprised by a win” does NOT mean to be “annoyed by a win”, she totally respects the judges’ decision and never ever did she say she didn’t deserve to win.

    Miss France explains that the fact it was in Brazil helped Miss Angola a lot: “The fact that the competition was held in Brazil surely played a role.”
    It’s true, having more croud and noise has a big influence on the judges choice.
    But Daily Gossip then says: “Miss France believes that the main reason Lopes won is that the contest was held in Brazil.” However Miss France didn’t say it was the “MAIN” reason, she said it “PLAYED A ROLE” meaning “IT HELPED”.

    Daily Gossip again says: “Miss France, Laury Thilleman, talked to about Miss Angola’s unpleasant behavior…”

    The word “UNPLEASANT BEHAVIOR” absolutely doesn’t stick with what Miss France said.
    All Miss France meant was: among all contestants, she was more of a shy, closed person.

  26. i am angolan myself i am so proud of miss universe 🙂 she’s a true beauty and is leering miss france that a beautiful black woman has won miss universe . angolan is full of beautiful black woman . AND for miss universe be on jeans and no make up at all it just mean she’s confident with her self and she does not need a slap of make up to show the world she’s pretty.

  27. she’s a true french, always full of envy, criticizing and being very hypocritical…..this is coming from a french guy with a different ideology.

  28. miss angola deserves the CROWN. when she walks down the stage. there’s some kind of humility and innocence.. in her walk…i think her kindness shows off….thats the essence of a true MISS UNIVERSE…its about helping people…

  29. this does not mean that while wearing only jeans and no make up…leila is unsuitable for this prestigious title…this shows that she does not need to apply stupid make up to show a false beauty…she wanted to show her real beauty and she did it with her simplicity. her answer maybe not in english…but it was great…she do DESERVE this crown…and no matter how many critics there are…she will remain MISS UNIVERSE 2011…thats it…beauty is not in colour but its the inner beauty that really counts…

  30. Miss France you most definitely look much older than 20 years old … what a shame … that must be the make up u’ve been using all these years … a true miss universe should have natural and that miss Angola sure has out of the 89 contestants !! its unnecessary for everyone else to try be negative about the judges decision … Miss Angola really killed it … she really shined once she walked the stage … she had the WOWWWWWW factor … like many of the others didn’t … and she best answered the question even though she had an interpreter .. even if she didn’t she would have nailed it anyway … please RACISTS yall are living in the 21st century.. maybe yall dont belong here … and maybe that’s why many of yall got nowhere in life … Horrayyyy for MISS ANGOLA … she has merit on this victory .. independent of anything people try to bring up about her !! Angola should be proud of her MISS … the world sure is too … well done TRUMP foundation and judges … treat her well … she deserves to be where she is !!

  31. enough of those comments! the bottom line is that ” Miss ANGOLA is an UGLY MISS UNIVERSE!!!! got that? im sure ya all know that anyway….So obvious…so end of story!

  32. I totally agree wid u hottie 😉 wateva they say, she really is UGLY.. i know it hurts but that’s the truth…too black is not very pretty eh 😀 And Oh Miss France is gorgeous!

  33. Miss. France is a ****, plan and simple. I love how the french people try to clean up the fact that shes a sore loser. Angola looks better then her and she didnt CARE to know that ****. plain and simple. You gotta love the hatters.

  34. This is to Hottie, You are a miserable, racist who is just jealous that someone of color won the title of Miss Universe. Look in the mirror and you will see what true ugliness really is. Get over it, you are probably one of the country bumpkins who dislikes the President because he is black (HAHAHA)

  35. Miss Angola deserved to be crowned Miss universe. She was by far the most beautiful woman in the contest. Miss France is a jealous stupid wrinkle eyed piece of microbe, who wishes she was half as beautiful as her. She didn’t wear make up at home? darling maybe because she is naturally beautiful and doesn’t need to cover anything unlike you, you ugly vile woman= she has a nice fashion sense you cow. Well done to miss Angola, ignore the haters. To those saying she’s ugly, u need to clean your eyes, i think you have dust in them you jealous, racist bastards.

  36. To miss hottie- and other blind people, STOP CALLING MISS ANGOLA UGLY . She is beautiful, and you know it idiots. She’s too dark? darling this is Miss world, people come in all sorts of colours around the world , you racist dumb cows. Others could say Miss France looks like a disgusting pork. For your information, Miss Angola is a nice chocolate color.

  37. Ms. Angola you are absolutely GORGEOUS! Congratulations & don’t worry, you can always tell the losers from certain cultures by how they react when they lose. When they win it’s all about respecting the final call, when they lose suddenly they think its okay to be disrespectful!
    Let the haters hate & you SHINE ON BEAUTIFUL one! <3

  38. @Troy- she can’t be any dirtier than the womb you came out of.. @Lalala- Your mental is dysfunctional, clearly you need a mind lightener.. @ benny & hottie -_-… yea, you’re just idiots.. I think I covered all the trifling comments on this subject. ROCK ON Gorgeous Ms. Angola AKA Ms. Universe!

  39. every year trump “tries” to crown the winner from every continent. it’s all political. by doing so, he is seen to be “fair” therefore the pageant will look relevant. also, if we look at Miss Philippines, they are closer to the crown each year, yet still very far. by doing that, trump will ignite Philippines’ interest to host the pageant and garner millions of dollar from the poor country. Philippines couldn’t care less, as long as they get the crown. trump knows Philippines are so into miss universe pageant, so he tricked the country into hosting it as frequent as possible. so, trump is passing the responsibility to the poor country. other asian countries besides china are not that keen on accepting the offer to host the pageants because they are not into it. they have other important things to take care of.

  40. What? Comon miss France……. I have never see a white contentant complain when a white miss universe is crowned.

    Why not you guys …..instead of Miss Universe Pageant you guys should change to Miss white Universe……..

  41. U Miss France atleast dn’t behave stupidly, if u had the potentials, inner and outer beauty you should atleast be as the 1st or 2nd runner up. then why isn’t it so? [*****]. why ddn’t any other contestant complaint to the global media only you don’t agree with the jugement!!!

  42. That was a very ugly comment by miss france..Leila deserved the win..and to rectify her..a beautiful woman is beautiful even without make-up..stop being jelous gal…wake up..u will never succeed in life with that kind of attitude…we are one world and anyone deserved the win…….

  43. Funny how now that more & more folks of other cultures are winning regularly, now we get comments like it’s not a big deal & real countries have more important things to do huh?
    For the record from 1952-1971 these events were held in the US, specifically CA & FL. Funny how once it got other countries involved in the process and as more & more different cultures have been winning more & more it’s become less important.
    Fact is this started as product promotion for swimwear and that’s all it’s ever been. Still no need to get rude just because now the rules are actually set up so other folks IN OUR UNIVERSE can win.
    It’s been a set-up from day 1, don’t get all self-righteous NOW!

  44. who do you think u are? i think u are the who have unpleasant behavior. try to look at your face before you discriminate others. youre just **** jealous. you’ll never succeed!

  45. Well, I can say that Miss Angola really deserved that crown. Miss Angola has beauty and brains, and she doesn’t need those makeups to be beautiful, unlike Miss France.

  46. Glad my country won.
    “not wearing makeup”, that’s because she is already beautiful. Others are using a kilogram of make up, which does means they find their selves not beautiful enough. There’s a lot of hate, just because Leila lopes won.
    Just after a few days after she won, people are saying that she had false documents, that is not true. They also said that she is Cuban because of the fact hat she understands Spanish a little bit, while she said that she is 100% Angolan, at an interview. Most people probably don’t know that Portuguese is the official language of Angola, so we understand Spanish a little. At the same interview she made clear that she participated to the pertaing contest whithout falsified documents.

  47. Miss france jux accept da fact dat u r no match wit sweet leila,please don’t tell me u r a racist,nd oh MISS ANGOLA was damn hot nd deserved da crown a 100 times dan u(WITHOUT MAKEUPS).

  48. Lot of times we had watched the pageant, there was no doubt why Ms. Lopes won. Despite having our own bet, we know she’s the one. With or without make-up she deserves the crown… That night she was simply regal, queenly and brilliant in all her simplicity….. so smart. Congratulations Ms. Leila Lopes for winning the crown! By the way, the interpreter, in fact, distract her in a way. But her line of thought was so clear, and her answer was clearly understand, and amazingly admired.

  49. thanks to all judges, for they did not choose miss France to be of top 5…she has the worst attitude, and poorest personality…Good for you! u did not WIN

  50. well just because Miss France looks like a stripper hot but dirty Miss Angola won because she looks like a princess haha more botox for you didn’t realise not wearing makeup was a sign of not being good looking quite clearly her beauty is bought not god given

  51. Miss France face is like my 36 years old aunty. Really doesn’t show that she’s still 20. And suprise, she has worst attitude,

  52. Not only does she NOT need to wear make up, but she was probably saving up the torture the skin has to go through with all of that make up for the actual pageant. Her skin was flawless at the pageant, so she obviously has good skin care habits. Wearing make up every day could have worked her skin up on top of the stress that she must have been under.
    France…i actually liked you for a minute there, but now that i see you’re just an immature plastic girl, i am glad Angola won. You’re just racist and can’t believe that a woman with the looks of Leila could be the most beautiful woman out of all of the other candidates that represent diverse locations in the world. Such Eurocentric can’t represent global issues of today.

  53. Miss Angola has a classical beauty than that of Miss France. The face of Miss France is so ugly that I can’t even differentiate if her face is a man’s or a woman’s. Her ugliness of her face reflects the ugliness of her character.

  54. We should all RESPECT each other and our differencess,learn from each other and never hate,your strongest and only critic is yourself,learn to celebrate your natural beauty!

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