Miranda Kerr: “Fashion Helps Me Express Myself”

Australian model Miranda Kerr has conquered everyone’s hearts with her dainty smile and her sexy dimples. Fashion designers have often selected her for their presentations because she stands out from the rest of the Victoria Secret models. Kerr was chosen to cover the June issue of the InStyle Australia magazine where she talks about marriage and motherhood, as well as fashion.

The 29-year-old model has just been named the winner of InStyle & Audi Women of Style Beauty Award and the winner of the Readers’ Choice Award which is why she features on the June issue of the InStyle Australia magazine. Although she has been working in this industry for a long time, Miranda is still surprised and downright flattered to see that people recognize her as a stylish woman. It was, in fact, an honor for her to take part in a photo shoot for the magazine.

Kerr has worked with Chris Colls to produce the InStyle pictorial and they both got along very well. After working with Miranda, Colls is convinced that the model is a professional because she posed like a true style icon the whole time.

There are many other reasons why people in the fashion industry appreciate Miranda. She is not just a model, but also a happily married wife and an accomplished mother whose beauty line is getting bigger and bigger every day. Her success, however, comes from the passion with which she takes care of all her duties and responsibilities. Miranda tells the magazine that she is deeply in love with fashion because it is a form of art that enables people to express themselves.

When it comes to style, the model says she prefers relaxed and understated outfits. However, the clothes that she usually wears express her mood; thus, if she wants to show the world that she feels sexy, she vamps her look up. For the rest of the days, she prefers casual clothes.

Miranda is married to Orlando Bloom with whom she has a boy, Flynn. Their relationship seems to go on very well, despite their busy lifestyles. The model thinks the reason behind their successful marriage is the fact that Orlando is a very “private man”. 

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