Miley Cyrus to Pose Naked for V Magazine

Miley Cyrus is not afraid to show her body and the star proved that once again with a new nude pictorial for V Magazine. 

So, V Magazine has published a topless pic of the beautiful young singer. The 21 year old star is seen in a bath robe with thigh-high boxing boots. The bath robe exposes part of her breasts, while Miley looks extremely provocative. This is not the first time when the star strips for a pictorial, so it seems that Miley is really not afraid to show it all. The Wrecking Ball star is featured on the cover of V Magazine’s Rebel Issue. 

The New York Daily News revealed that the photo was a collaboration between Miley and famous photographer Karl Lagerfeld. The black and white photo is accompanied by a pink photo of the star. In this second pic Miley is seen wearing a pink turtleneck sweater, while holding a clutch of some giant lips, with a red tongue, between her legs. Naturally, the most controversial pic is the one in which Miley poses completely naked, lying on some stuffed animals. 

Naturally, besides posing for V Magazine, the star also revealed some interesting facts. For instance, Miley decided to respond to all those who criticize her for her actions. “I know that I’m not a pop pop dumb dumb,” the beautiful singer said during her interview. “I know that I’m not. I’m a lot more than someone who just goes and shakes her a—onstage,” Miley added. 

“I think it’s kind of funny to mess with people and rile them up,” the star went on to explain, “because I’m actually the most chill person and it’s just funny to watch the world get out of their minds over things that are so irrelevant and don’t matter.”

However, in a previous interview Miley claimed that she had actually decided to retire from twerking. The star seems to be only focused on her career now, but Miley also finds time for charity. Actually, the star managed to cause debates with her decision to have a formerly homeless man accept her award at the MTV Video Music Awards. Miley said that she did so to raise awareness on the problem of homelessness. 

The new issue of V Magazine featuring Miley will be available on newsstands on September 10.

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