Microsoft Unveils Skype for Web

On Friday, Microsoft unveiled Skype for Web. This is a brand new browser-based version of the famous app that allows users to send instant messages. Microsoft claimed that the app is going to work both on Windows and on Mac. 

The new app is available in beta now, so only some users can check it out and test its efficiency. However, Microsoft supports users in trying the service via a web browser. “You can use Skype for Web without having to download an app before you get started, which means anyone new to Skype can get chatting even faster,” the famous company said. 

Skype for Web is based on Web Real Time Communication APIs, being able to offer users real-time voice calling, but also instant messaging and video chat. 

Skype for Web will be available to be accessed by all users of Internet Explorer 10 and above, but also by people using Chrome on Windows, Firefox, or Safari 6 and above. The service will be available on However, it is important to know that the service is incomplete for now. So, it will be available only to a small number of users. 

Microsoft has already sent the invitations to the Skype users which are selected to test the new version. To see if you are one of them, all you need to do is to log in to and find out if you received the invite. 

Microsoft claimed that in the coming months the final version of the service will be launched for any user to be able to access. Microsoft will sent the invitations to all users once the tool is perfectly functional. 

Creating a dedicated Skype app to the web actually makes this service much more accessible to people from all over the world. This means that the number of Skype users, as well as the number of interactions are expected to grow in the following period. 

“Skype for Web makes it quicker and easier than ever before to connect with friends, family and colleagues around the world, for free,” Jonathan Watson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Skype, said in a statement. “It’s perfect if you prefer using the web rather than an app. Perhaps you’re sitting at a computer that doesn’t already have Skype downloaded,” he added. 

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