Microsoft Reveals HoloLens

A couple of days ago, Microsoft has unveiled a VR reality headset, named HoloLens. Looks like with this new release, Microsoft pushed everything into the world of “Star Trek”. Many people do not know what actually this Microsoft’s device can do. Many stories have been said about HoloLens. One of these stories said that Microsoft has launched this product to end the popularity of Google Glass. But, the latest reviews of several analysts shows that HoloLens is quite the opposite.

One thing is sure. Microsoft has a vision about the future of technology. HoloLens have been unveiled by an operating system group technical fellow named Alex Kipman. He said that HoloLens are “the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen.” With these futuristic headsets that come with transparent lenses, you will see the real world around you, but in a moment that world is transformed and 3D objects will appear floating in midair, your room will be covered in virtual characters and virtual screens on the wall. This doesn’t mean that everyone that will enter in that room can see these objects. Only users can see the 3D images. The wearer can talk and walk around the room without bumping into walls, because HoloLens will track moves. You can also interact with the 3D images by using hand gestures. 

HoloLens includes built-in high-end CPU and GPU and a holographic processing unit. Alex Kipman says that holograms are universal apps that can work with Windows holographic. A good thing about these goggles is that they do not require a connection to a pc or phone and do not include wires. In the presentation video of HoloLens were also included shots from Minecraft, a popular game. This means that this game can be played on hologram images while using your hand gestures. 

You can also use Skype. If you don’t know how to fix a broken pipe, you can call somebody on Skype, while using HoloLenss, and that person can see through your goggles, making it easy for him to explain what you should do. It may sound like science fiction, but if these glasses work, the future is closer than we think.

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