Microsoft asks users to ditch Windows XP

By now you already know that Microsoft plans on stopping support for its Windows XP. However, it seems that for users it is quite difficult to give up using this product. 

In less than one month, Microsoft will stop offering support for the Windows XP. Starting with the first week of April, there will be no new updates on the operating system that Microsoft launched more than 12 years ago. 

However, even though Microsoft announced its intention, it seems that many customers were caught by surprise. And many customers have absolutely no intention of giving up using this operating system. Still, the fact that Microsoft will issue absolutely no new updates will actually mean that customers are exposed to all kind of potential issues, some being really unpleasant.

Still, statistics reveal that more than 18 percent of the computers that function around the world are actually using the XP operating system. Naturally, what Microsoft is searching for is for users to update the system and move to Windows 7 and Windows 8. 

Actually, Microsoft is trying to promote more Windows 8, as the company is willing to determine more clients to use it. The truth is that the newest operating system released by the famous company might come with a series of issues, as numerous users reported problems following the update to Windows 8. 

Still, Microsoft said that putting the Windows XP to rest actually is quite normal. However, not everyone is ready for the change, as it has been reported that many companies have asked Microsoft to extend the deadline until they will offer support for the Windows XP. 

Until now, Microsoft did not seem too receptive to the demand, thing that surely clients did not appreciate. Microsoft claimed that they are not willing to extend and this is something that they will not be doing at this point. 

If Microsoft will finally decide to extend this deadline or not is something yet to discover. Still, the reality is that they have announced their intention to discontinue this product in time, so companies, users and governmental agencies don’t have the right to complain, after all. 

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