Michelle Williams opens up about heath Ledger’s death and Marylin Monroe

Actress Michelle Williams gives an interview to Vogue Magazine in which she opens up about fiancée Heath Ledger’s death and how that made an impact on her life. She says that from that moment on, her life has changed irremediably and now she sees the world through a whole new perspective. The interview to Vogue also concentrates of Williams’ latest movie, which will hit theaters on November 4, Associated Press reports.

Actress Michelle Williams was first noticed by the public in the TV series “Dawson’s Creek”, where she co-starred with Tom Cruise’s wife, Katie Holmes, who was also debuting.  Even though they both debuted years before, Dawson’s Creek gave them the first prominent roles.  Since then, she starred in several movies, such as “Dick”, “But I’m A Cheerleader”, “The Station Agent”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Wendy and Lucy”, “Shutter Island” and “Blue Valentine”.

She is currently filming for “Oz: The Great and Powerful”, where she plays the role of Glinda, the Good Witch.

In her recent interview to Vogue, which will be available in the next issue of the magazine, she talks about one movie that is in post-production for the moment, and will premiere in the beginning of November: “My Week with Marilyn”. The British drama directed by Simon Curtis tells the story of a week in Marilyn Monroe’s life, when she was escorted around the UK by assistant Colin Clark, after Arthur Miller left the country. During this week Clark has the chance of introducing the famous Hollywood star to what life is Britain is all about and takes her away from the routine she is used to.
Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe and reveals to Vogue some of the secrets behind the curtains. For starters she says that she tried to put on some weight in order to display the sensual curves that Marilyn had, but it didn’t work, so she had to use padding after all. Williams tried to impersonate the famous blonde as good as she could and confesses that this experience made her feel “like being reborn”.

Talking about the death of her fiancée, actor Heath Ledger, which occurred in 2008, she says that experience transformed the way she sees life. She now looks at things through a “lens” that makes them look “impermanent”.

Heath Ledger died on January 2008 of a drug overdose. It was later established that the overdose was from a prescription drug and it was accidental. Williams and Ledger have a daughter together, Matilda, who is almost 6 years old.

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