Meet Carly Foulkes, the T-Mobile spokeswoman

Throughout Thanksgiving weekend viewers could watch T-Mobile’s most recent TV commercial which features a hot spokeswoman. Even before the identity of the beautiful brunette was disclosed, her appearance in the commercial generated waves of fans. Meet Carly Foulkes, the T-Mobile spokeswoman!

Carly Foulkes received huge interest especially in the online medium, where topics regarding her identity are multiplying by the hour. Since her fans weren’t sure of her identity and couldn’t search using her name, the online fans looked up related topics, such as: “t-mobile spokesperson”, “t-mobile commercial woman”, “T-mobile girl”, “t-mobile girl name”. The few fortunate ones who identified her as being Carly Foulkes managed to raise the lookups under her name by up to 34%.

The 23 years old actress is best known to her fans undoubtedly due to her performance in mobile commercials. Recently her career began spanning into different directions though. She acts in the TV pilot for future series “Powers” based on a comic book with the same name. She will work alongside Lucy Punch, Vinnie Jones and Jason Patric on a superhero based story. Her character, the Retro Girl, was described by Brian Michael Bendis, the author of the comic book series, as “the Princess Di of the ‘Powers’ world”.

Several other performers started up as commercials stars. Flo the insurance saleswoman from the Progressive Insurance advertisements brought the actress Stephanie Courtney a record lot of online searches. Lookups for “flo pregressive” or “who is the progressive flo actress” accompanied every release of a new commercial of the brand proving once and again that their campaign is a successful one.

Courtney’s career includes so far performances in TV shows as “House” and “The Comeback” and a five episode character on “Mad Men”.

Even though Foulkes and Courtney have the lead these days on search hits for popular commercials, there is a third actress who seems to be catching up to them. Karme Boixadera, known to the public for featuring in the ads for Amazon Kindle Fire, starred recently in a “True blood” themed commercial for Axe deodorant.

Even though being a commercials star doesn’t always lead to an acting career, it surely doesn’t hurt. Plus several actresses like Rebecca Gayheart or Ali Larter used to be the faces of Noxzema or Designer Importers before hitting it big in the acting industry.

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