Mattel’s new AR, VR phone toy

Looks like Mattel decided to re-launch View-Mater, but as a virtual reality. The first announcement of its appearance was made at an event in New York City. To be pointed that View-Master is a collaboration between Mattel and Google. After starting the collaboration with LG for LG G3 virtual reality kit, looks like Google has settled another collaboration for its virtual reality Cardboard app. This cheap do-it-yourself accessory may turn any Android phone into a mini-VR viewer. 

Mattel’s plastic toy will debut in October. At the amazing price of only 30 dollars, this plastic toy looks like to be more durable than the plastic version of Google Cardboard, which was designed for kids, but also for grown-ups. Probably everyone has used View-Master back in the days, when it was a classic 3D stereoscopic picture viewer. When Google Cardboard was launched, some voices claimed that this device looks a little bit like a View-Master. This means that everyone were taken by surprise when suddenly Mattel announced a new View-Master with Google Cardboard VR capabilities added. 

For now, the Mattel toy was only viewable in a mock-up prototype form at Mattel’s event, but its design’s looks very interesting. It actually looks like an old-school View-Master, adding a little from Oculuft Rift’ look. The Inner plastic housing extends to hold several types of phones, which is a good thing. To be mentioned that will even work with Nexus 6 and iPhones 6 Plus. Mattel’s toy is designed with Android and Google in mind, but when it will be launched, it will work on nearly all platforms, including iOS. 

Rumors are saying the Mattel has plans not just to use View-Master for VR, but also for AR. Mattel has presented three little plastic reels and everyone of these reels had a picture on it. Now, when you look at them with the View-Master, the picture will pop up on the table and you will have a 360-degree panorama.

Being designated for children, Mattel declared that the tech has already been vetted by pediatric ophthalmologists, and can be used by children aged seven and up.

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