Marshall Major II Headphones Unveiled

Marshall’s Major Headphones was a good and attractive on-ear model. Well, now Marshall Headphones released the Major II, which is very similar with the original model. However, the Major II comes with some significant improvements, featuring a better sound and a more attractive design.

The new Major II is available online at the price of 100 dollars. Compared with the original Major, the Major II earcups have a more rounded design, while the headband and hinges are more flexible, meaning that they will better fit on the head and they will be more comfortable to wear.

The double-ended coil cord features an inline one-button remote and microphone that works with iOS and Android smartphones, which is also detachable. Among the inline one-button remote it also has a more durable L-plug, compared with the previous straight plug.

The dual 3.5mm jacks allow users to choose which side they want to plug the cable on, or even share music with a friend. The company declared that this model is more durable and even looks and feels sturdier than the previous version, the original Major. It also claimed that Marshall Major II is closer in built quality to the famous Major 50 FX.

Marshall Major II sounds very good, even better than the first model, with increased detail and improved bass response. It responds well with a variety of music and offers a decent amount of clarity. Probably that 100 dollars headphones offer a little too much bass, but these headphones are well balanced and sound pretty good. Maybe, even better than many other expensive options.

Compared with Beyerdynamic DTX 350p, a 70 dollars on-ear model, the Major II is a little more natural-sounding and open. On songs such as Beck “Golden Age”, the Marshal Headphones were more dynamically alive compared with Beyerdynamics. On heavy bass tracks, Major II had more clarity and managed to restrain the bass to bring the other instruments out of the background.

With this kind of performance, Marshall Major II can stand out as the new flagship on-ear headphones from this company. They are a good upgrade over the original model, offering a better sound and a better price.

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