Married with Children to Reunite after 20 Years

Married with Children has been, without a doubt, an extremely successful comedy series. Well, fans of the television show should be happy to find out that a new spinoff is in the works, based on the famous Bundy family. 

Actually, the show will mostly be focused on the Bud Bundy character. If the project will be completed and the dysfunctional family will return to the small screen, this will be their comeback after no less than 20 years. E! News reported that David Faustino will be featured on the show, but there are no confirmation on the other actors and their part in the potential spinoff. 

Originally, Married with Children ran for no less than 11 seasons, between April 1987 and June 1997. The cast of the show included Christina Applegate, Katey Sagal, David Faustino and Ed O’Neil. All the stars of the television series have become successful. Naturally, the best known of all is Christina Applegate, who starred in a series of famous and successful movies. 

Katey Sagal, who played the role of Peg Bundy, currently has her own television show. On the other hand, Ed O’Neil is well known for his role in Modern Family. Ed played the role of Al Bundy. He now interprets Jay Pritchet in the comedy hit that actually is one of the most successful television series at the moment. So, all the stars of the show have gone to enjoy major projects since the finale of Married with Children. 

Christina Applegate, Katey Sagal, David Faustino and Ed O’Neil reunited after 17 years at the Sagal’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony and it actually looks as if time has never passed. If the show will really get a revival, it will definitely be extremely interesting to watch. 

“I’m gonna say something that’s never done much in Hollywood, I’m going to say something nice about my ex-wife,” O’Neill said during the new appearance on the Walk of Fame podium. “I met Katey in 1986. We were both trying out for the parts of Al and Peg Bundy on ‘Married With Children,’” he went on to explain. 

“We grew together as a cast and good friends and we see the whole family is here today. I was there when Katey won the Golden Globe for ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ I was proud of her before. I was proud of her then and I’m proud of her today,” the famous actor also added.

However, not only fans of Married with Children may be happy to see their favorite stars reunite for the show. Girl Meets World the Boy Meets World spinoff may also see new seasons. A Full House new project is also in the works, it has been claimed.

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