Mark Zuckerberg to Talk about Free Internet Future

One of the most successful men in the world, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that the future will be a place where Internet is available for free, to anyone.

According to Mark, everyone should be able to easily get an Internet connection, no matter where they are. Mark said that connecting people in underdeveloped areas to the Internet is more important than ever. It actually is “one of the fundamental challenges of our generation,” Zuckerberg said. The revelations that the star made were published in the Wall Street Journal on Monday. 

“When people have access, they not only connect with their friends, families and communities, they also gain the opportunity to participate in the global economy,” Mark said. The star also claimed that the Internet actually is “the foundation of this economy.”

Mark Zuckerberg has always shown interest in the goal of bringing Internet to numerous areas of the world. Facebook has actually been the force behind the project of bringing Internet to the parts of the world where currently there is no access. Actually, both Facebook and Google are involved in this project. Maybe, we will see positive results on this matter sooner than what we expect. 

Mark Zuckerberg is now promoting, the service through which he hopes to be able to provide free and inexpensive Internet to people from all over the world. Mark claimed that access to the Internet and all the online tools that it can put at their disposal, make people’s jobs much easier. And that is not all. Mark also says that expanding the access to the Internet will actually create millions of jobs and help millions of people improve their situation. 

Mark also argued the fact that Internet access means connection with friends, family and communities. Naturally, on a larger scale, the benefits are absolutely great. 

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