Marijuana Gets Nick Diaz A One Year Suspension

A few months have passed since Nick Diaz lost the five round fight to Carlos Condit in the match for the UFC interim welterweight title. It was sure an anxious time for the fighter, but on Monday he received a decision from the Nevada Athletic Commission. His marijuana consumption gets Nick Diaz a one year suspension.

Unfortunately for Nick Diaz, this is the second time he test positive for marijuana in Nevada. Five years ago, Diaz also tested positive and was suspended for six months with some 20 percent taken from his bank account. Back then, the test was requested after Diaz won in a fight against Takanori Gomi Pride. Since this time Diaz lost there’s no point for an overturn like in 2007.

This Monday, Nick Diaz and his attorney showed up in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission to hear the ruling regarding the failed test. The one year suspension the fighter got is retroactive to February 4th, when he had the UFC 143 fight.

This time, the Nevada Athletic Commission was even more determined to teach him a lesson, and Diaz is going to pay for that from his bank account once again. The commission will take not only 30 percent of his fight earnings, but his bonus too, worth $65,000 for Fight of the Night. Plus, before he’ll get his license back, Diaz will have to be tested again and obviously pass it.

Nick Diaz did not kept under the key the fact that he was using marijuana during training. Back in his home state, California, the fighter was prescribed medicinal marijuana to help him handle his AD/HD. He explained he didn’t believe he should have checked in the medical questionnaire marijuana use because it’s not a widely available substance.

The fighter explained that marijuana helped him concentrate and perform better. However in the pre fight medical questionnaire he failed to note any serious medical conditions, thinking his AD/HD isn’t in fact that serious.

He gave a similar farfetched explanation when was asked why he didn’t submit a urine sample after the UFC 143 fight. Diaz said he couldn’t urinate exactly after the fight. The commission found it suspicious that the fighter submitted the urine sample immediately after being threatened he will not receive his fight purse.

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