Mariano Rivera’s Knee Surgery Was Successful

Nowadays, surgery on professional athletes is a lot more professional than a decade ago. Injuries that would end careers back in the 90’s are now so state-of-the-art athletes get back in the game impressively faster. The 42-year-old Yankees closer Mariano Rivera underwent knee surgery on Tuesday. According to his tweet, the surgery was successful.

Finally, all Yankees fans can breathe at ease. Their closer, Mariano Rivera underwent knee surgery and apparently it was successful. At 42 years, going through such a procedure and recovering might not be exactly a walk in the park. Thank God for today’s surgeons and medical technology can make a damaged meniscus and right ACL rupture hassle free.

On Tuesday. Yankees’ 42-year-old closer told his fans via Tweeter he’s out of the woods. “My surgery was a success, it went perfectly. I am looking forward to beginning my rehab soon. Thanks as always for your prayers. GodBless” reads Rivera’s post.

The closer got injured during a batting practice in early May. He tore his right ACL and suffered damage to meniscus in the knee. He was initially scheduled for knee surgery a lot earlier, but due to a blood clot in the right calf, the doctors decided it would be better to postpone the procedure until this Tuesday. The knee surgery was performed by Dr. David Altchek, physician for the New York Mets’ team.

Rivera had five saves at 1-1 with a 2.16 ERA at the beginning of May. The team replaced his position with Rafael Soriano, who is currently the leader at the Yankees with nine saves. So, it’s no wonder Rivera wants to start his rehab as soon as possible. The more time he spends in the hospital, the more he has to recover, and that’s not exactly hassle free. A week ago, Rivera said he’d be back on the field by the start of the next season.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said: “I think we’re all expecting to see Mo pitch next year. I really don’t think we’re going to see any issues”. He also added it’s even a good possibility that Rivera would be in shape for spring training.

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