Marc Anthony opens up about J. Lo split

Marc Anthony says that cheating on his former wife, J. Lo, is not the cause of their split and opens up about his divorce. On Thursday, the singer denied rumors of having had an affair with actress Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith’s wife), Reuters informs.

The top-selling salsa musician of all time, Marc Anthony, split from his wife of seven years another famous music star, Jennifer Lopez. Their divorce was finalized this summer and a few days after signing the paper, during a concert, Anthony confirmed he was a single man again. Since then, rumors have started regarding the reason the famous couple broke-up. Jennifer Lopez stated that marriage was her biggest dream.  On the other hand, sources close to the couple had said that, in fact, Anthony was in deep financial debt and hadn’t told his wife about it. And of course like in any break-up story, there had to be a third person involved. Speculation started that the Latin singer was actually interested in another woman.

On Thursday, Marc Anthony was invited to “Nightline” show, which airs on ABC Network. With the occasion, he cleared things up regarding the hidden reasons of their marriage. This was his first appearance on the matter, since the split news.  He said that there was no other woman and, referring to the rumors that started a week ago about him having an affair with Jada, he said that such speculation is “almost like a sport” for the media.

Anthony explained that the divorce was settled amicably, by both parts. “These things happen. It was a decision that we made jointly.” Then he added that he will continue to love Jen. “I will always love Jennifer, she knows that and my kids know that”, the artist added.

Marc Anthony, 42, and Jennifer Lopez, 42, got married in 2004 and became parents of twins, Max and Emme, in 2008.

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  1. Glad to hear Hawthorn RN is canceled and we won’t see Marc Anthony kissing around on Mrs Will Smith- Jada anymore on a weekly TV series. If the rumors are true about these two Jennifer should sue Jada Pinkett for alienation of affection. Teach little Mrs Smith (and other home wrecking adulterers) some hard “karma” for the injustice she inflicted on the Anthony Family’s children.

  2. I’ve re-watched the Night-line interview of Marc Anthony. Yes, Marc did say that he “will always love Jennifer”. What he didn’t add, or imply, was ” but as a friend”.
    I also disagree with Christy ^. It was October 2003 when Marc Anthony and Dayanara announced they were getting divorced. Jennifer was still with Ben (Afleck) in October; they were trying to reschedule the wedding they had called off only a few weeks before. During that time, they considered being married by a Justice of the Peace in a small town in Georgia, but changed their mind when the paparazzi turned up. Dayanara was wrong to villainize Jennifer for dating Marc after the divorce was under way. Yet Dayanara allowed herself to date technically “married” men, such as actor Terrence Howard, who had school age children then, and was still “married” when they broke up. If Dayanara really didn’t want a divorce, she shouldn’t have filed for one. Let’s get some facts straight efore you presume to hang a derogatory label on someone.. Jmo

  3. I agree with madeline7! Marc was separated for months before he and JLo got together. I am no fan of JLo’s but the truth needs to be told. She has done many things in her colorful life but “stealing” Marc from his first wife is not one of them. Actually her marriage to Marc is the only classy act on her resume. Maybe the separation is a mistake. I think Marc’s interview was classy and dignified, just like himself.

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