Manu Feildel is the winner of Dancing With The Stars

The winner of the Dancing With The Stars contest in 2011 is My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel. In the live finale that lasted 3 hours, Manu competed against Hayley Bracken.

In the last part of the contest, there were left two teams: that of Feildel and that of Bracken. Before that, one other serious contestant was eliminated, singer Damien Leigh. The final dancing battle was given between the French chef and the wife of the former Australian cricketer, Nathan Bracken. Nathan was also o contestant in the series.

Hayley opted for a freestyle dance in the final round, but the jury was not that impressed with her performance. Instead Manu won their admiration and was given 8s, 9s and 10s. This way, Manu Feildel became the seventh contestant from Channel Seven to win Dancing With The stars. After this show adding to his growing popularity – along with the one gained already from his show, My Kitchen Rules – he is about to sign for a new show called Dinner Date. His show will be airing on Channel Seven as well.

This was the eleventh season of the competition show Dancing With The Stars. During this season, the audience could see the performance o a series of stars which delivered strong ratings for contestants such as Brynne Edelsten, Lara Bingle and new judge Josh Horner.

Manu Feildel is a French celebrity chef who participated in a series of cookery competitions such as Ready Steady Cook, MasterChef Australia and My Kitchen Rules. He opened his own restaurant at L’Etoile, in 2009.
Feildel comes from a long line of chefs. However, this as not the career path he originally wanted. From a young age, he wanted to work in a circus. At 15 years old he changed his mind and became his father’s apprentice. He moved from France to UK and then to Australia, taking different jobs in the cooking and serving field, before landing at Bilson’s as head chef. There, he became famous for his “exceptional fine diner”. Since then, be began appearing on TV and his fame kept on growing.

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  1. As much as I love Manu, who was the real dancer of the two. I think there was something wrong here for Manu to win. Manu cannot dance for peanuts and Hayley can dance, so why did Manu win. This was rigged and is not fair, I thought the show was about the best one will win. Everyone could see that Hayley was far better over all and it should not have mattered that she had dancing lessons as a child.
    I don’t think I will bother watch this show ever again.

  2. well i have always watched this show but never again it appears to me to be a popularity show instead of judging the dancing hayley was the best dancer there and should of won manu hardly even did any dancing steps it was all his partner and you could tell that manu was the judges favorite because of his charm and thats all he has sorry but wouldnt be bothered with it ever again

  3. I agree with Barbs comments. I have been watching this programme since it started. Bec Cartwright won, Tom Williams won. They were the best dancers by far. Now its not the best dancer that wins it the most popular. Hayley was by far the best dancer and Manu just wowed the judges. It sucks and I will never watch it again.

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