Madonna preparing a new album for spring 2012

Pop-icon Madonna revealed during an interview to a Swedish television network that she is preparing a new album which will be released in the spring of 2012. This will be the 12th album in the pop music queen’s career.

Billboard announced this weekend that Madonna has made an announcement that will make her fans jump up and down of joy: the pop diva is ready for new songs. She is in preparations for a new studio album. 

Madonna made the announcement during a recent interview taken by a Swedish television network. According to the singer, she already started working on her new songs and spends a lot of time in the studio, recording them.  She will have a lot of work to do as she wants for the songs to be ready until the end of the year. So she will probably be more in New York City (where her recording studio is) than anywhere else during  this period of time.

Her twelfth album will be the first one that will not be produced by the Warner Bros Records. The singer has ended collaboration with the company that she has been working for the past years in order to sign with Live Nation. Since 2008, Live Nation is handling Madonna’s tours, merchandising and albums.
It is expected that the first song on the coming album will be released in February or March. Until then, fans can enjoy themselves with the singles on the last album of the diva. “Hard Candy” came out in 2008 and landed on the top spot on the Billboard 200.

Lately, Madonna has also been preoccupied by movies. This time, as a director, not as an actor. However, her movie, “W.E.” has received not so favorable critics. Following the Venice Festival, where it was presented, the movie was considered “mediocre”. 
Lucky for her, Madonna is considered more a music performer than a movie performer and her next album will boost her career.

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