Love kills: jealous tiger female takes life of male

A female tiger from El Paso Zoo in Takes, took the life of her partner male out of jealousy. The male, a 6-year old, showed too much interest in another female, which led to a tragedy. Apparently, love kills in the animal world, as well.
El Paso Zoo announced on Friday that Wzui, the tiger male, was killed by his long-time partner, female Sheri.  The accident occurred a day before, around 4 p.m. After the accident was reported, the zookeepers closed the corner of the exhibit where the tigers were placed and examined the male. It was clear pretty soon that he wasn’t breathing anymore. The tragedy is greater when you think that Wzui was the only male tiger in the Zoo and the species is endangered. Wzui and his females are Malayan tigers, a species which has only 500 individuals running wild in Malaysia and Thailand. The zoologists are taking desperate measures to increase their number.

So what led to such a terrible accident? The specialists of the Zoo believe it was jealousy. Wzui had two females. But things did not start like that. At first, three-year-old Sheri and six-year-old Wzui were a couple. In time, Wzui showed interest in a 15-year-old female, Meli. On June 14, the zoo representatives reported the first sings of aggression out of jealousy. “The male tiger Wzui likes both females, but the two females don’t like each other” said the report, adding that both females are “jealous of each other”.
The jealousy theory is supported by the director of the zoo, Steve Marshall, who claims that this may as well have been the trigger. “Tragic incidents such as this are not unheard of but we don’t consider this common”, he said.

In the attempt of continuing the breeding program, El Paso Zoo expects another male to be transferred in the near future. Until then, tiger Wzui will be “greatly missed”!

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