Look Back Videos on Facebook Watched by More than 200 Million People

The Look Back videos on Facebook are as popular as possible. Actually, Facebook statistics reveal now that they have been watched by more than 200 million users. These videos are remembering moments on the social network over the years. 

Creating and watching these videos has become the latest trend on Facebook, which released this new feature along with the anniversary of its 10th birthday.

The new feature, Look Back, helps users celebrate 10 years of Facebook by watching some of their beautiful moments on a one minute video. 

As Facebook seems to be filled with these videos, an announcement made by Sheryl Sandberg reveals that while over 200 million people watched their Look Back video, about 50 percent of these Facebook users shared it. According to Sheryl, the figures show the power of the social network and its amazing success.  

Sheryl also added that for her it has been amazing to watch her own video, but also the ones of her friends. The COO of Facebook added that this is a very cool new feature, which really touches people, providing them a rather unique personal experience. 

Facebook describes the Look Back as a sentimental way of reminding users of the photos and moments shared on the site since the first moments of having a profile. It surely brings back some memories, but it is important to know that pics and posts selected for the videos are chosen by the social network from the most popular posts of each user. 

As many people were not happy with the photos that Facebook chose for their videos, the social network offered them the possibility to edit videos, to add or remove the posts they desired. 

While many users watched and shared their Look Back videos, other found this new Facebook feature as being quite annoying. So, numerous parodies were launched to make fun of the new Look Back video feature. 

In case you haven’t watched your Look Back video, you can still do it. You only need to visit the page of the app to access it. Naturally, you may also watch the videos of your friends who decided to share them on their pages.

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