Lindsey Lohan Got Her Probation Revoked

On Wednesday, Lindsey Lohan managed to get her probation revoked and had to pay a $100,000 bail to make it out of prison. She could return, though, if her probation violation hearing ends up not in her favor. She is facing charges that could have her in jail for up to 18 months.

During the preliminary hearing, Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner found enough evidence to revoke the probation Lohan had since the actress was recently excluded from the Downtown Women’s Center program for skipping her appointments. Furthermore, the 360 mandatory community service hours and the 120 hours at the morgue Lindsey was supposed to serve during her probation period are almost intact. After being removed from the center, the actress wanted to continue her hours at the Red Cross. She got till April next year to fulfill her requirements.

During her hearing in two weeks, Lohan will have to face the prosecutors’ evidence and witnesses that are supposed to shed light on the reasons and conditions that led to the termination of her work at the Center, as well as present the details of her counseling sessions that were part of the court order.

The actress got her probation for being charged with two DUIs, misdemeanor theft, reckless driving and cocaine possession. The judge advised Lohan to serve at least 16 out of her 120 community service hours at the morgue if she aims to mitigate in any way her potential sentence for the next hearing.

Yet, Saunter considers the probability that Lohan actually get jail time very low given the large number of felons already in the system. A new law allows the prisoners who haven’t committed violent or sex related crimes to serve their time in county jails rather than state facilities which leads to an overflow of felons.

After the hearing, Lindsay posted on her Twitter account: “I just want it to be known, that just because I was not followed & photographed during the times I’ve gone to community service, does NOT mean that I wasn’t following my obligations to the court”.

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