Lindsay Lohan to present community service progress in court

Lindsay Lohan is set to appear in front of Judge Stephanie Sautnerin court on Tursday. The purpose of the appearance is to present the community service progress she has been made since she was released from house arrest, Los Angeles Times reports.

Actress Lindsay Lohan will be at the Airport Courthouse on Thurdsay morning to report her progress on the hours spent in community service at the county morgue and at the women shelter. The Hollywood star was sentenced to 120 days in jail for shoplifting. Earlier this year, she has stolen a necklace from a jewelry store in Venice. However the judge allowed her to stay at home, in house arrest for 35 days, because of objective reasons: the women’s prison in Los Angeles is overcrowded and Lohan had a low-risk status.

During her house arrest, the police was alerted several times. Her ankle monitor, which was placed to monitor her status in the house perimeter, broke during a party, when she split some non-alcohoic beverage on it. She has proven positive when tested for alcohol. She was rushed to court once again and she was told that she was not allowed to throw any parties at the house, while she was in house detention. “Don’t give people a reason to hate you” Judge Stephanie Sautnerin had told her at the time. While under house arrest, the Mean Girls star missed her brother’s party and was really disappointed. She had told Life & Style magazine that she is realy focused to serve her sentence and community service as right as she can so she could start working again in the fall.

Now, that she is done with the house arrest, Lohan has started her 480 hours of community service. The hours will be split between a women’s shelter (360 hours) and the L.A. coroner’s office (120 hours), where she will do a janitor’s work.

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