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Lily Collins Opens Up about Battle with Anorexia

Lily Collins decided to open up about her personal life. The star talked about her battle with anorexia, but also about her abusive relationship. Lily actually made these revelations in her new book. Lily is surely very well known as the daughter of Phil Collins.

She claimed in her new book that she started dealing with anorexia at the age of only 16. She also dealt with abuse at that time, as her high school boyfriend was actually an abusive person. Gradually, Lily claimed, she started skipping meals and began to rely a lot on coffee and eating gum. Of course, soon enough she started dealing with anorexia.

Lily also revealed that she went to abuse diet pills and laxatives after she finished high school. This actually happened sometime in her twenties. “My mom would eventually uncover my adduction by finding the leftover opened boxes and pill bottles in the back of my bathroom cupboards,” Lily wrote in her book according to Radar Online.

Lily said that her troubles with eating did not end there. She also dealt with moments of eating a lot of fatty foods. “I’d go to the supermarket late at night and load up on every type of junk food possible and return home to my bedroom and just eat and eat,” she explained. “I’d finally boxes of cookies, pints of ice cream, cupcakes, slices of cake, and then go into my bathroom and throw it all up.”

Shortly, her unhealthy lifestyle started to leave marks. “My hair and nails lost their shine and became brittle,” she said. “My throat burned and my esophagus ached. My period stopped for a couple years and I was terrified I had ruined my chances at having kids,” the star went on to add.

Lily Collins explained that 2013 was the year when she hit her lowest weight and after that moment she sought help. Of course, the healing process has not been very simple and actually it remains ongoing. “I will be working through my disorders for the rest of my life. But I know now that there is a greater happiness to be attained in this world,” she said.

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