Lil Wayne Suffers Two Seizures In 24 Hours; Medical Staff Concerned

The medical staff at Louisiana hospital is now concerned about Lil Wayne’s health condition after the rapper suffered two seizures in 24 hours. They blamed overexertion for the artist’s dehydration and recommended him to rest in the following period, says the Associated Press.

The New Orleans-born rapper, Lil Wayne was on a plane travelling from Texas to Los Angeles when he suffered seizure-like symptoms on Friday. According to his reps, Wayne started complaining about a powerful migraine and soon after, he went into convulsions. The plane was immediately diverted to Louisiana and the rapper was transported to the closest hospital in the city.

Both the medical staff and the management team were worried about Weezy’s condition because the artist had just been released from hospital after suffering a powerful seizure on Thursday. Doctors concluded that the rapper – Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. on his real name – was exhausted because of his busy schedule and put him on “mandated rest”. Several hours later, Lil Wayne was released from the hospital; he checked out around 6 PM, but doctors will continue to keep a close eye on him.

The statement released from Blueprint Group on Friday read that Lil Wayne was hospitalized for a few hours due to a powerful dehydration. The singer is feeling g better already and will do his best to get back to work as soon as possible. Wayne also thanked his fans for the encouraging messages they sent to him during the period he was hospitalized.

This is the second time this year when Lil Wayne is confronting with health-related issues and needs to be rushed to the hospital. In August, the rapper was taken to a hospital in St. Louis after getting injured in a skateboarding accident. He was released from hospital the same day and told his Twitter followers that he had to get nine stitches for a “gnarly gash” above his left eye. 

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