LG G3, a virtual reality

Looks like LG is teaming up with Google with the purpose to bring virtual reality to the masses. The huge South Korean electronics company declared on Monday that in near future, a new promotion that offers a virtual-reality headset will kick off. It is called the VR for G3 and any person that buys that company’s flagship phone G3, will receive it for free. This device is based on Google’s Cardboard device, allowing owners to use it for VR games and apps downloaded from the Google Play store.

“This is just the beginning of the virtual reality movement, which until recently was expensive and inaccessible to everyday consumers,” declared Chris Yie, LG marketing executive. Probably this new headset is used by LG to answer to its long-time South Korean rival, Samsung. To be mentioned that Samsung also released a similar, but no-cost virtual-reality product, named Gear VR and it works with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung’s device was released in December.

LG’s new release could be a sign of how cooperation and competition will shape up the world of mobile virtual reality. After Samsung alloyed with Facebook’s VR-goggle maker Oculus on the Gear VR, looks like LG is now working with Google. These events can only make us happy, because it is a new open door for technology and we have the opportunity to use it. The intent of virtual reality is to provide exciting experience for several applications and also for gaming.

Google has been an activity player in AR and VR lately. To be mentioned that last year, the huge search engine company has released the cheap, do-it-yourself virtual reality kit, named Cardboard. During this period, the virtual reality kit continued to develop additional apps and features. Unfortunately, Google’s Glass wearable headset project was withdrawn from the market, due to privacy issues.

“With Google Cardboard, we wanted to create more immersive and delightful experiences for anyone on their mobile devices,” declared Andrew Nartker, Product Manager for Google Cardboard.

However, Microsoft, another tech giant, did not stand aside and jumped into the battle with their new headset, known as HoloLens. The VR for G3 promotion will start this month on certain markets.

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