Levi Johnston writes book about Sarah and Bristol Palin’s lies

Levi Johnston, the former boyfriend of Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter, writes his own book about their relationship and the pregnancy and reveals a different story, which practically calls the women’s stories “lies”. His book, “Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs” will be available to the public starting September 20, Associated Press reports.

The Associated Press writers have managed to buy a copy of Levi Johnston’s book earlier and his story about his experience with the Palin family is very different from the one presented by the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and her daughter, Bristol. There are many things that are told exactly in the opposite way.

For instance, Bristol sustains in her book, “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far”, released in June, that she lost her virginity to Levi while they were out camping with friends and she got drunk. Johnston retells the same story, but reveals that they have started their sex life long before that moment. He adds that in 2008, Bristol, whom he was dating since 2006, wanted to get pregnant because she got angry at her mother’s pregnancy. She believed that, at 17 years old, she should be the one having a baby and not her mother. When her parents found out about the pregnancy, her father got really upset and told Johnston to quit school and find a job. Sarah did not believe it at first but when it turned out to be true, she offered to adopt the baby in order to “avoid a scandal”. Bristol and Levi did not want to take into consideration that option. Their son was born in December 2008.

Sarah Palin says that Levi was not present at his son’s birth, but he says otherwise.
After becoming a mom, Bristol was very critic and moody, according to Levi. She accused him of wanting to show she is a bad mother and believed he was cheating on her. Bristol tells about their split soon after the birth and indicates that the cause was a text message on his cell phone which proved he was unfaithful.

Sarah Palin wrote her own book, called “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag”, in which she wrote that Johnston takes advantage of the Palin name, trying to gain popularity by criticizing them.

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  1. Like Mother, Like Daughter. Bristol will do ANYTHING for the cash just like her mother including exploiting herself or anyone around her.

  2. This should just about finish this little twit off. His last desperate attempt at staying in the spotlight. Take a bath. Get a job. Does he even contribute to the support of his son? Probably not. Typical lib – big fat mouth blabbing on and on about “poor me” … and let’s everyone else take care of the messes he makes.

  3. Listened to the Johnston interview on Doctor Phil today. Phil said that he had read the book and it was apparent that Levi had written the book as seen through his eyes, as opposed to hiring a Christian ghostwriter and making things sound like it was all Levi’s fault and that Bristol had no responsibility. Levi is smarter than what Bristol tries to make her fans believe and he says he just wants to be involved in his son’s life. It is hard to tell if Levi is any worse than the Palins because he did the PlayGirl article–the Palins are also media whores even though they call him Ricky Hollywood on national TV trying to get Sarah’s fans to condemn his actions. What Bristol is doing to their baby–using him to get her on a reality TV show and saying negative things about his Dad –is in very poor taste and someday Bristol will realize that she shows very little class in her poor decisions. Looks like Bristol’s book has a lot more lies in it than Levi’s and also that Candie’s is acting like her sugar daddy in justifying all the money they are paying her. She has become the laughing stock and a joke to most teenagers around the nation.

  4. Looks like the Palins and all their money and legal aid are trying their best to make Levi look like a deadbeat dad. Bristol and Sarah have a gag order where they are not supposed to criticize him in public but they feel they have all the power and loyal fans so they can do anything they want. Everything they say is aimed to make him look like a dimwit and make it hard for him to earn enough to support his son. They even criticized his posing for Play Girl when he was trying to make regular child support payments. I think it is absolutely awful the way that Bristol has made over half a million dollars this year but still whines about Levi being behind in child support payments and she refuses to let him see his son. She bad mouths the father on the talk shows and says she doubts that he even knows how to read. Everyone says that his book is closer to the truth than Bristol’s was–it was a well known fact that both Bristol and Willow had drinking parties in Juneau at the Governor’s Mansion while their parents were out of state promoting Sarah–and that these two party girls were drinking and sexually active long before the camping trip. You don’t become a Christian just because you claim to be one; and your book can be ghost written by a Christian writer and still be loaded with a pack of lies. Interesting that Sarah Palin thought this book was “amazing” and “a must read.” What’s next Piper’s book on how to have temper tantrums and push adults around to get her way?

  5. What, didn’t the date with the foul-mouthed D-Lister Kathy Griffin pan out for ya? One day in the limelight in front of Kathy’s base…..

    You’re a real creep, bud.

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