Lenovo LaVie Z is lighter than MacBook Air

Of course, at a weight like this, everyone will ask themselves if this laptop is made of plastic. Well, actually, this lightweight 13-inch laptop is built by magnesium/lithium alloy. These materials are much lither than aluminum, the material that makes up most premium laptop bodies. However, the new Lenovo LaVie Z does feel like plastic in hand, like those mockups that are displayed by PC makers, before the original model is available.

However, this new LaVie Z is quite impressive, as with the weight of 1.9 pounds, the 13-inch laptop is not like other laptops that come with Intel’s low-power Atom or Core M CPUs. This laptop comes with Intel Core i7 processor and is considered to be the first laptop that homes such as powerful chip in such a light and slim system. 

The incredible Core i7 is accompanied by 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. All these specs are available at the price of 1,499 dollars. This is considered to be a premium price, but compared with Apple’s famous 12-inch MacBook, the difference between this two is of only 200 dollars. 

To be mentioned that Lenovo’s laptop is lighter than the MacBook, which weighs 2.04 pounds. Ignoring the weight, LaVie Z also has a much more powerful processor and a larger screen, plus most of the standard connections and ports missing from the Apple’s laptop. MacBook Air comes with USB-C-only.

Lenovo also released a hybrid variation, named LaVie Z 360, at the price of 1,699 dollars. This hybrid laptop includes a Yoga-like 360-degree hinge and a touchscreen. Returning the LaVie Z, unfortunately, this laptop doesn’t comes with Lenovo’s famous keyboard. On this keyboard, the right Shift key is placed near the arrows, meaning that users can accidently press the key, which can be quite frustrating. 

Ignoring the small and quirky keyboard, this laptop is excellent and offers both portability and power. The new LaVie Z is an impressive model and a great example of how laptops are continuing to become lighter and slimmer. We expect to see more models from different brands to break the 2-pound barrier, but maintaining a good battery life and a decent performance.

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