Lenovo has released the new Yoga 900

Lenovo is well-known for releasing some of the best hybrids on the market. The Yoga line is one of the most appreciated lineups at the moment, due to these devices’ impressive hardware and design. Last year, Lenovo has released the famous Yoga 3 Pro, which is considered to be the most-advanced and slim Yoga hybrid laptop available in sale. 

That hybrid had a high-resolution screen, a unique watchband-style hinge and a very thin body. Well, this year, Lenovo has unveiled its new hybrid laptop, called Yoga 900. The new laptop comes with the same watch-band style hinge from the Yoga 3 Pro, but it also has many other interesting features.

For instance, new Lenovo Yoga 900 comes with an impressive and new Intel Core i7 processor, which is better compared with the previous Core M. Moreover, this new laptop is very portable, but it is a little heavier and thicker than last year’s model, weighting 2.8 pounds, compared to the previous 2.6 pounds. However, that is not a huge difference, knowing the fact that this laptop comes with a better performance, a longer battery life and it even looks better. 

The new Lenovo Yoga 900 starts at the price of 1,099 dollars, homing a new sixth-generation Core i7 CPU, 256GB SSD of storage and 8GB of RAM. To be added that the 1,399 dollars model comes with an upgraded configuration, so it has 512GB of solid state storage and 16GB of RAM, which is pretty impressive. Another interesting thing is that all the Yoga 900 models come with a 3,200×1,800 touchscreen, which is in the same high-resolution category as Microsoft’s PixelSense display and Apple’s Retina.

As for design, this laptop is probably one of the best looking devices on the market. As everyone knows, the Yoga line comes with a hinge that folds back 360 degrees, a feature that was introduced by Lenovo since 2013. The keyboard found on this device has the standard Lenovo design, with just enough key travel and the typing is excellent. Other interesting features are: two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot and a USB-C port. 

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