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In the last period of time, the vacuum cleaner market has started to be attacked by many brands that are trying to bring something new on their devices. However, the robot vacuum was probably the first smart device that was launched before cloud or smartphones. 

Of course, the first robot vacuum wasn’t so intelligent; its main mission was to clean the cat hair from the rug. Well, the days have passed and now “smart” robot vacuum cleaner means more than it did before. This new device has now the ability to navigate into picture and it is equipped with Wi-Fi.

The new Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum has some new features that will definitely attract a lot of clients. So, Neato Botvac is Wi-Fi equipped, meaning that it can be paired with its app on the user’s iOS or Android devices. Once they have paired it, they will be able to start, steer it from the phone or schedule. This is probably one of the best features that a vacuum cleaner can have. During the years, no one has thought to add a remote control to a vacuum cleaner, but now, Neato Botvac can be commanded from the phone.

To be added that Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum is available at the price of 700 dollars, which is a little bit expensive compared with other vacuums on the market. Therefore, this new model costs approximately 200 dollars more than other vacuums from Botvac D Series, but the addition of Wi-Fi features will probably be worth the money.

The new vacuum cleaner remained at the traditional design that already exists in the line of Botvac models. However, there is a minor change to the color scheme, but it remains the same. This means that it comes with the same accessories, the same D-shaped cleaner, the same brushrolls and the same approach of covering the floors.

As for the app, this is called Neato app and comes with new additions to the Botvac experience. Moreover, this app is probably the main reason why this vacuum cleaner costs 200 dollars more compared with the previous models. This app is pretty simple and works like a charm when it is paired with the cleaner. 

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