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What can be better than a desktop computer that users can pop out from their pocket and stick it into a monitor or TV via USB?

Well, knowing the fact that many other Windows 10 laptops come out at the price of 200 dollars or even less, many customers will say that the Computer Stick is not so good. 

But, having a computer that can be carried into a pocket is without a doubt a good deal for everybody. This year, Intel was the first company that has released a mini computer, called Intel Compute Stick, which was an Atom-powered Windows micro-desktop and had the starting price of 119 dollars.

Now, Asus is the second company which entered this market, with the new Asus Chromebit. This new tiny computer comes with Chrome OS and is available at the price of 85 dollars. This seems to be a very good deal for everybody. Now, probably everyone has seen how Chrome OS works and what features it offers to its users. Google’s PC operating system is pretty good lately and has some apps and features that can be very useful. The new Asus Chromebit looks like an oversized USB key, meaning that it is travel friendly. 

So, for making this portable PC work, users must have a constant power, because this stick doesn’t come with internal battery. Moreover, it needs to be connected to the HDMI input on a monitor and TV and it also needs a keyboard and mouse, which will be connected via Bluetooth. That’s right about it, the installation is very simple and users can browse the Web or write into Google Docs in a couple of minutes. 

Returning to the Chrome OS, probably customers who are already using this operating system know that the system is built to run the Google Chrome Web Browser and nothing else. Moreover, the new Asus Chromebit was built for cloud-based work, but it also has 16GB of internal storage for movies or music files.

The new Asus Chromebit is a very good tiny PC, because users have the possibility to see movies through famous online services, like Netflix or Amazon. 

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