Lady Gaga, the big winner of MTV EMA 2011

As expected, lady Gaga was the big winner of the MTV European Music Awards (EMA) in 2011, taking home four awards, MTV reports. The singer was awarded, among others, for her single “Born This Way”.

Earlier this year, pop queen Lady Gaga was ranked #1 highest paid musician in the world by Forbes. The music star earned a total of 4.5 billion dollars from May 2010 to May 2011. It was only natural that, as a reflection of the huge number of fans and of the quality of the performances, she would get a bunch of MTV European Music Awards. Yes, for Gaga there is no talking in single items, but rather in sums of awards.
Her single, “Born This Way” was awarded for both the song and the video. She also took won for Best Female (snatching the prize from Beyoncé, Adele, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry) and for Biggest Fans. “Thank you so much, I love you so much. I’m so grateful”, said gaga while receiving the awards. The public was once again shocked by her inimitable appearance. She wore a silver dress and an over-sized hat that was covering her face. “I’m really smiling right now, but I know you can’t tell”, she added and then joked about having had Botox treatment recently.
Another winner of the night was Selena Gomez’s sweetheart, pop star Justin Bieber, who won in the categories Best Pop and Best Male. Bruno Mars took home the Best New Artist Award and MTV’s Best Push Award.

You can see below the complete list of winners at MTV EMA 2011:

Best Song – Lady GaGa, ‘Born This Way’
Best Live – Katy Perry
Best Pop – Justin Bieber
Best New – Bruno Mars
Best Female – Lady GaGa
Best Male – Justin Bieber
Best Hip-Hop – Eminem
Best Rock – Linkin Park
Best Video – Lady GaGa – ‘Born This Way’
Best Alternative – Thirty Seconds To Mars
Best World Stage – Thirty Seconds To Mars
Best Push – Bruno Mars
Biggest Fans – Lady Gaga
MTV UK & Ireland Act – Adele
Best Worldwide – BIGBANG

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  1. Yeah!!! Congratulations to BIGBANG, who received the largest proportion of votes, 58 MILLION votes out of the total 158 MILLION votes cast across 14 Awards.

    BIGBANG Fighting!!!

  2. Says the girl who wrote most dirty as superlative to the word dirty. God bless you because unlike you, we gay people do not troll on others.

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