Lady Gaga speeds up to New Delhi

Eccentric pop star Lady Gaga speeds up to New Delhi to perform on the Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix location, immediately after the live race, Agence France Press reports. This will be the diva’s first concert in India.

Top speed, top cars, top drivers. What’s missing? Lady Gaga!

Eccentric as you know her, Lady Gaga chose an at least interesting setting for her first concert in India: the Buddh International Circuit. The pop icon will perform on October 30 at the post-race party that will follow the Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix.Gaga said she’s ready to go and promised a full speed show: “I’ve never seen a Formula 1 race live before so I’m more than excited to perform in India. I’ll prepare for the concert full throttle, right on the track!”

The concert will follow Formula One racing’s inaugural outing in the country at the all-new Buddh International Circuit and over 150.000 participants are expected. The circuit is located near New Delhi and has a seating capacity of 200.000 places. People all over the world will be there, from Formula 1 fans to glossy models and wealthy businessmen. Lady Gaga sure fits this crowd!

Winner of five Grammy Awards, the highly unconventional Lady Gaga has millions of fans all over the world and sold more than 10 million albums in quite a short time. Although magazines have always something itchy to write about her, Gaga never seemed to care and continued her way to the top.

We’re sure curious to see what she’ll be up to for such an event! Famous for her OMG appearances and categorized as “weird” by many, Gaga proved to have an iron personality and maybe too much salt and pepper in her performances. How is this suiting the history of Formula 1? We’re about to see …and not anywhere, but in India. Way to go, Gaga, that’s brave and fresh.

The first race weekend in India appears to be loaded with stars, since the organizers have announced that Roger Sanchez, Tom Navy and Edward Maya will also perform on the track. For those of you who want to catch the weekend show, there is still time to buy tickets online from the Formula 1 official website, for 300 dollars each.


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