Lady Gaga says Japan is safe to visit

Eccentric pop icon Lady Gaga has given a green light for the visits in Japan following the tsunami disaster. She says that it’s not only safe to come, it’s also very beautiful.

Associated Press reports that the most powerful artist of the world, lady Gaga, loved Japan. Her message to her fans and to everybody else is to come visit Japan as it is a wonderful place, despite the disaster that hit earlier this year. I can’t say enough to people all over the world that the majority of Japan right now, Japan in general, is very safe” she says. She couldn’t wait to show her support for Japan and her fans there and advices her fans all over the world that, if they want to support Japan, they should come visit it. “The most important thing, and the best thing, we could do for Japan right now is to boost tourism, and so everyone come to Japan and come enjoy the beautiful country.” She added that the food is great, too.

On Thursday the star received an official sign of appreciation on her efforts to support the public image of the country and for the money-raising efforts: a certificate of honor from the commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency.

Following her appearance at MTV Video Music Aid Japan on Saturday, the next destination in the schedule of lady Gaga is Taiwan, which she will be in starting July 1.

After the multiple disasters – earthquake, tsunami, nuclear crisis – that hit Japan this year, many celebrities have cancelled their show in the area, out of fear of the effects that might occur. The drama of the nation started with the earthquake that occurred in March 11.

It was followed by the tsunami and the destructions that followed included the destruction of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, which was only 140 miles from Tokyo. Following the disaster, tens of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes because of the radiation danger. Since then, many performers and athletes have canceled their appearances scheduled in Japan, even if far from the radiation affected area. Now, the government is making efforts to reestablish order in the life of the Japanese.

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