Lady Gaga Injured On Stage

Us Weekly reports that Lady Gaga suffered a minor head injury while performing on stage in New Zealand. The singer was hit with a metal pole by a back-up dancer who was preparing to make his appearance on stage.

Lady Gaga’s dancing team is going to be one man short. The artist was performing during her concert in New Zealand when one of the back-up dancers accidentally dropped a metal pole on Lady Gaga’s head. The rather funny moment was noticed by all the people in the audience; some of them even managed to film the scene with their phones and shared it on the Internet as soon as the show was over.

Judging by the images displayed on the Internet, Lady Gaga’s encounter with the metal pole was not pleasant. The singer was visibly hurt when the object fell on her head. Despite this, she continued to sing until the end of the song. As soon as she finished interpreting “Judas” the singer went backstage to see whether she was severely injured or not. She received medical treatment and she was able to return on stage to finish the concert.

When she came back on stage, the “Born This Way” interpreter told the public that she will finish the show regardless of the small incident. She apologized for her “rambling” and explained for those who didn’t know what had happened that she was hit in the head and she suffered a concussion.

Tara Savelo, Gaga’s make-up artist took to Twitter to discuss the incident. She told her followers that the singer had a concussion, but she is going to recover rather quickly. She promised to take good care of the interpreter and reassured fans that Gaga loves them, which is why she insisted on finishing the concert in New Zealand.

The pop star is now on her way to Australia where she will sustain numerous other performances. Lady Gaga’s Indonesian leg of “Born This Way” concert tour was cancelled because of the Muslim protests, so now the artist is trying to regain her popularity by setting up amazing shows for the rest of the fans. You can watch the incident by clicking on the video below.

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  1. Hi Lady gaga I hope you get this, because I am a fan of you and my Mummy and Some-else is coming to see you perform in Brisbane.

    From ANISHA

  2. Lady Gaga:

    I heard about your unfortunate accident.
    Please take care of yourself. Head injuries
    are a bad thing to have to live with. I hope
    you take this seriously and get to a good
    neurologist. Good luck and take care.

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