Kris Humphries Called NBA’s Most Disliked Player

While Kris Humphries isn’t a NBA player that would be fitted next to LeBrons and Kobes for his performance on the court, fans have a special place in their heart for him. Just take for instance, last night’s game, when fans booed and heckled him whenever he got close to the ball. No wonder really, if we consider that Kris Humphries is NBA’s most disliked player.

According to a fan poll, Kris Humphries “won” the title of NBA’s most disliked player. He has come first with flying colors, letting LeBron James off the hook. So, how did a not so famous basketball star “win” such a disgraceful title?

Well, bad mouths might say it has something to do with being married with Kim Kardashian, and truth be told that’s might be one of the main reasons, basketball fans dislike Kris Humphries. writes that his on and off marriage with Kim got his “mug all over magazine covers and entertainment television. It’s a role usually reserved for an L.A. or New York star, not a New Jersey role player”.

The fact is that his marriage with Kim ended 72 days later. Obviously this raised suspicions regarding the authenticity of the marriage. Fans started asking themselves if the marriage was fake and meant just for publicity reasons. Was it even a real thing catching Kim doing yoga naked with a male instructor in their home?

Stephen Master, VP at Nielsen Sports, gives the best explanation: “He’s been of five magazine covers, all in a negative light. It’s all so recent, he’s gotten all this publicity for something other than basketball talent”.

On the other hand, LeBron James won the same title in 2010 after the unfavorable feedback he got after his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami. Fans hated LeBron so much some even attempted to burn his jersey.

But when it comes to Humphries, fans have a much different strategy of showing their dislike. Take for instance last night’s game between New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets. Fans booed Humphries as soon as he entered the game, and taunted him each time he got close the ball. Even when he sat on the bench, Humphries had no peace. Fans at Madison Square Garden chanted: “We want Humphries!”.

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