Koss SP330, getting back in the groove

Koss is well-known for its inexpensive, simple and conservative designs of headphones that have been released throughout the years. Probably, the best examples are the Koss PortaPros. However, Koss hasn’t change a lot its lineup for a while, so this month the company has unveiled its new pair of headphones, called Koss SP330. They are available for the price of 130 dollars. 

Probably, the Koss SP330’s design is a little more modern than the PortaPros, but they still are very simple, compared to MEEIectronics and Bose. It features a standard headband, made from a thin piece of silver metal and a strip of rubber down the center, allowing the user to adjust the earpieces for a more comfortable use. Moreoer, there is also a performed nylon plus underneath the headband that will help to use the headphones for a long listening period. Koss has replaced the simple circular padding with a D-shaped ear pads. A design that has been used by several other on-ear headphone brands in the last period. 

Koss SP330 seems to be very comfortable to use and the memory foam padding that adorns the ear cups have something to do with this fact. However, buyers are advised to test any headphone before buying, to ensure a proper fit. Talking about Koss SP330, another advance is the detachable cord that extends from an open port on the left year cup. Several headphones usually break at common stress points, for example the headphone jack. So this detachable cord represents an advantage, because if something happens, it can be replaceable with a new double-sided 3.5mm cord.

Unfortunately, at this price, Koss doesn’t deliver more mobile-friendly accessories. For example, customers will not receive a remote control on the cable to control music from their devices or extra ear pads. However, they will receive a ballistic nylon carrying case. As for performance, Koss SP330 sound is great and if the headphones are paired with Apple MacBook Air or Apple iPhone 6, the sound is really nice, no matter what type of music is played.

Looks like Koss is trying to re-introduce their brand on the headphones market. Their new pair of on-ear headphones are well-balanced, meaning that they will be a strong competitor.

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