Kobo Glo HD has been released

The Glo HD is the newest E-reader that Kobo Company has released on the market. This compact little device comes with a handsome and simple design. The new E-reader also marks the return to the Glo range for Kobo. The company released in the past a series of higher-end devices, like the Aura, the Aura HD and the waterproof Aura H2O. During its last few iterations, Kobo had made some changes to their toys, and had released devices with different sizes and features, and even boosting the resolution of the E Ink display.

Now, it looks like the company has turned back to the Glo and released it with a new high-end resolution screen. This new E-reader is a successor to the 2012 Glo, but improved with a six-inch screen and packed with a resolution of 1,448×1,072 pixels. The Kobo Glo HD is almost equivalent with Kindle’s Voyage, which also comes with a slightly lower resolution of 1,430×1,080 pixels.

However, Kobo Company also learned something about competitive pricing and released the Glo HD at the price of 129 dollars. This seems to be an attractive price, considering that the nearest device to it in terms of costs is Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi, at the price of 139 dollars, or even Nook GlowLight, at 99 dollars. To be mentioned that Nook GlowLight has a lower-resolution screen and is available only in US.

For customers who live in Australia or the UK, they will have the opportunity to buy the Glo HD at the price of £110 or AU$180. As for the design, the Glo HD comes with a smaller build, compared with the larger sizes of the Aura HD and Aura H2O. This new E-reader comes in at 157 x 11 x 9.2 mm and 180g.

This means that the new device is very comfortable to be transported and can be slipped easily into a bag or coat pocket. However, there are no external bells on the device, just a micro-USB port on the bottom and a power button on the top edge. Everything on the Glo HD is handled via the touchscreen interface. To be mentioned that there are no physical buttons for turning pages and the internal lighting is controlled via a slider on the screen.

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