Kim Kardashian Arrives in Dubai without Kanye West

It appears that famous rapper Kanye West has finally decided that he will not accompany his wife during her latest trip. So, Kim Kardashian has jetted off to Dubai in the company of Scott Disick, her sister’s boyfriend and the father of her three children. Kourtney and Scott were separated for a period of time, but they are said to have reconciled. 

So, Scott Disick, Kourtney’s baby daddy, was the one to be there for Kim during her first international trip since being robbed in Paris. The Paris experience has surely marked Kim deeply, the star taking some time off from the public, but also some time away from social media after the event. However, Kim recently decided to make her comeback to social media. 

Now, it seems that she also wants to overcome the fear of traveling outside of the US. However, what is interesting to mention is that previous reports claimed that Kim wanted her husband to accompany her during this trip and she actually begged the rapper to travel with her. However, Kanye was nowhere to be seen and Kim was only spotted in the company of Scott. 

“She wanted Kanye to accompany her, but his doctors didn’t think the trip was a good idea right now,” a source said according to X17online. “His mental state is still fragile, and a big event like this could be too much to handle. Kim was capable of going on her own, but Scott offered to accompany her, and he makes her laugh and keeps things light so she agreed,” the same source went on to add. 

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the police is making a lot of improvements in finding the thieves who robbed Kim. However, unfortunately for the star, this does not mean that she will be able to get her jewelry back. Reportedly, the robbers had ties to illegal diamond trade and the diamonds ended up on the back market and in the diamond district in Antwerp. The police is continuing its investigation, but some sources claimed that at this point it is impossible for Kim to ever get her jewelry back.

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