Kevin Spacey to Seek Treatment

Famous actor Kevin Spacey is going to seek treatment after being accused of sexual misconduct towards several young actors. The star was initially accused by a single actor, but then more allegations emerged against him.

The fact that Kevin Spacey will seek treatment was confirmed by a representative of the star. However, the rep did not reveal anything else on this subject, so it is not clear what for the actor will seek this treatment. “Kevin Spacey is taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment,” a rep for Spacey said according to Variety. “No other information is available at this time,” the same rep went on to add.

The scandal involving Spacey first emerged after actor Anthony Rapp said that the star made a sexual advance towards him when he was only 14. Spacey was in his 20s back then. However, Rapp was not the only one accusing Spacey. After his confession, filmmaker Toney Montana said that back in 2003, Spacey “grabbed my whole package” at a bar in Los Angeles.

Another man whose identity was not revealed claimed in a talk with BBC that he was only 17 when he spent a weekend with Spacey at his home in New York. Allegedly, it all happened sometime in the mid-80s. The man said that Spacey tried to convince him to share a bed, but he refused and the actor “was sobbing.” The man said that the whole experience was traumatizing for him.

“In the morning, I woke up and [Spacey’s] head was on my stomach and his arms were wrapped around my torso, very affectionately, I would suppose,” he said. “He certainly wasn’t aggressive, but it was affectionate and certainly not something I was comfortable with as a heterosexual male,” he concluded.

A Mexican actor, Roberto Cavazos, said that sexual advances involving Spacey and young men were quite common when the star served as an artistic director at the Old Vic Theater in London. Spacey apologized when the allegations made by Rapp were first published, although he claimed he did not remember the incident. The actor has not responded to the other claims.

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