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Kate Walsh Says Throw Your Cosmetics Out

Even if you’re not exactly a celebrity fan, each time you see an actress or singer at TV or in magazines they have a perfect and stylish makeup. In fact, even when paparazzi take them by surprise barely walking out of pubs early morning they still look like goddess. So, what’s their secret? What kind of expensive cosmetics are they using, have they had procedures done? Well, one celebrity, Kate Walsh has a surprising advice when it comes to makeup: just throw your cosmetics out.

The Grey’s Anatomy star has recently had a talk with PEOPLE in Los Angeles about the new trends in makeup for 2012 and particularly for this spring. Kate Walsh’s makeup secrets might seem a little bit farfetched but throwing out your cosmetics is in fact smart.

Not only keeping your makeup to the basics keeps your face tighten and healthier for a long time, but many of today’s cosmetics carry allergens that might not go well with your body. So, the actress suggests you do some spring cleaning in your makeup drawer too:

“The biggest tip is to throw out your makeup. I think as women even if we don’t mean to be hoarders, when you buy makeup it’s just so juicy you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ll keep it forever!’”. But Kate Walsh points out a thing that many of us might overlook at times: cosmetics have expiry dates.

As the actress explains, expiry dates on lipsticks are particularly tricky. Even if their labels read the selling pitch “they last forever” that doesn’t mean the expiry date isn’t essential: “They last forever, right? Then you have a collection of them. But you can usually tell oddly by the smell that it’s time to throw them out”.

Kate Walsh’s makeup style isn’t very bold or exaggerated. It is a stylish and very natural makeup style that always makes her look like a goddess. Some of the essentials cosmetics in her collection are the eye makeup and a bold lipstick. “I’m usually pretty lazy about makeup because I’m in it professionally so much, so when it’s just me out and about, I try not wear much at all”.

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