Kate Upton Proves She Can Be A High Fashion Model

Kate Upton finally got her revenge. The Sport Illustrated bombshell proved that she can be a high fashion model, despite the mean commentaries that have been made in relation to her looks. Upton teamed up with renowned actors to take part in a professional photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar.

Kate Upton has been long praised for her voluptuous forms, but some persons in the fashion industry tried to discourage the girl from pursuing a modeling career. The worst commentaries were made by Sophia Neophitou who stated that Kate is too vulgar to become a Victoria’s Secret model.

Neophitou didn’t stop here; she described Kate’s looks as too commercial, that is, more appropriate for a ‘Page 3’ picture, instead of a high fashion show. She continued by saying that Upton’s hair is too blond and her face reminds people of footballer’s wives who can be bought by anybody with enough money.

Kate Upton was reserved at the time when the declarations were made and preferred not to show her discontent. This week, however, she has proven Neophitu and the like that she can be even classier than Victoria’s Secret models. The 19-year-old swimsuit model took part in a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot during which she wore chic models from famous designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Gucci and Chloe.

In case you were still having doubts about this, clothes really do make a difference as Kate Upton is totally unrecognizable in the pics. There is, nevertheless, one thing she simply can’t get rid of and, that is, her sensuality. Unlike most fashion models, who tend to be a little bit too skinny, Kate Upton was all the vogue thanks to her curvaceous body.

The pictures were taken by photographer Terry Richardson who is known for his works with Lady Gaga. The theme of the photo shoot was inspired from the Old Hollywood era and was realized around the Beverly Hills Hotel. Kate Upton was not the only important figure on the set; she was accompanied by important male actors, such as, actor/rocker Jared Leto and comedian Aziz Ansari.

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