Kat von D’s permanent tattoo mistake

L.A. Ink tattoo artist Kat Von D has made one big permanent tattoo mistake. She has inked the face of ex fiancee Jesse James under her armpit. Just before breaking up, she showed the tattoo to her beau and he told her he loved her. So what happened?

Just a few days before announcing their break-up, Kat von D, who got engaged to Jesse James in January, made him a big surprise. Like all the lovers that want to declare their feelings in an orignal manner and have already made their first steps into the world of needles and inks, von D has got a tattoo of James’s face. The design is actually taken from a photo of the reality show star when he was in fifth grade. The face of young teenage Jesse lies now under her left armpit.

  Kat showed Jesse the surprise declaration of love on the premiere of L.A. Ink on Thursday. Before showing him the tattoo she says she is very nervous. “I have no idea how he’s gonna react”. She starts freaking out, but in the end she reveals the tattoo. James seemed surprised, but maintained a calm look. “You’re crazy”, he first reacted, after she showed him the photo from which the tattoo was inspired. Von D could breath again. “I thought you were gonna break-up with me. Just kidding! You like it? It’s really hurting a lot.”

Despite his “I love you” declaration and his kiss, Kat may have had a feeling of what was coming up next. on late Monday, she posted a Twitter message announcing the split; ” I am no longer w Jesse,” she wrote. ” Out of respect for him, his family and myself, thats all the info i’d like to share. Thanks for respecting that. ” A few hours later, James posted his own comment on the subject, saying that the reason of their split is the distance. “The distance between us was too much. I’m so sad because I really love her.”

Since they made their relationship public, the two seemed very in love. When the wedding cancelling rumors appeared, both Kat and Jesse denied it. James said “Things are completely good with us” and the wedding day “couldn’t come soon enough.”

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  1. Kat is very sensitive about her recent split with Jesse James, especially since she suspected Jesse James of infidelity.

    An eyewitness overheard Kat and Jesse arguing about another woman the day before they split. Details in the article below.

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  2. Wow… Kat Von D. Why?!?
    Everyone knows that getting a name… especially a portrait… is the kiss of death for a relationship.
    The only names I have and will ever have are that of my daughter and our dog Monroe.
    I know artists and shops who give deals on names for Valentine’s Day knowing a large percent of the customers will be back for cover-ups.

  3. What the hell she think is gonna happen? He is definitely gonna cheat on her like he did on Sandra. She’s such an idiot.

  4. aghh i dont get it why your all kicking of she will not care its there she has her first loves first letter of his name on her foot she has a ‘j’ for James and she isnt bothered one but so it is not a mistake at all its a point in her life were she was happy cant not the type to care about that

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